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    Viewing Tasks

    The details of the task are organized logically in the Task details page. From the View Task page you can, alter any details in the task, mark the task as complete once the task is finished and also delete the unwanted tasks.


    To view the details of an task,

    1. Click the Activities tab in the header pane.

    2. Click the Title link of the task to be viewed.


    Task Details


    The Task details block displays the Title of the task, the user to whom the task is assigned and the name of the user who has created the task along with the created date and time. This is followed by the remaining details that was filled while creating the task such as, the Start Date and Due Date of the task, Status, Description and the request, contract, account or contact to which the task is associated to.




    You can set a personalized reminder for this task using the Add Reminder link. Select the number of days/hours before which the reminder should be sent using Remind me before drop down. You can choose to be prompted by Email or SMS or both. Click select_reminder to set the reminder.


    If you have specified a reminder while creating the task, then the same is displayed in the task details block. You can modify the number of days/hours before which the reminder should be sent using the Edit Reminder link.


    Comments on the progress of the task can be entered by clicking the Add Comments link. Enter your comment in the text field and click Add. You can also delete a comment using the Delete link.



    Changing the Status of the task


    To change the status of the task click Change link beside Status. The four states of the task are, Not Started, In Progress, On Hold and Complete. Select the status and click select_reminder. You can also mark a task as complete by selecting Mark as Completed sub tab.


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