SupportCenter Plus

    Schedule CSV Import

    The easy-to-use CSV import option quickly imports all the relevant information from the existing database and also provides an option to keep the database in sync with the organization's customer database. By scheduling the CSV Import you can automate the process of importing accounts and contact information from an external database using the CSV files.


    Four step process of automating CSV import

    • When the "CSV Schedule" is configured and enabled, SupportCenter looks for CSV file under the <SupportCenter_Home>/csv_files/1 directory on a periodic basis.

    • When it finds a CSV file, the file is processed and moved the file to <SupportCenter_Home>/csv_files/ProcessedDir.

    • To automate this process, it is advised to write a script that would send the changed information of the external database as a CSV file to the <SupportCenter_Home>/csv_files directory

    • Refresh the SupportCenter Plus Web Client to proceed further.


    To schedule CSV Import,

    1. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    2. Click the Schedule CSV Import icon automate-csv-iconunder the Helpdesk block. The Schedule CSV Import list page opens.

    3. Click Add Schedule link. The Add Schedule page opens.


    Note: CSV file should be available under SupportCenter Plus CSV directory to automate the import. Path for the directory would be \ME\SupportCenter\csv-files


    If no CSV file is found in the directory then you get a message as shown below. To place, replace or update the file automatically in the CSV directory, it is advised to write a script to send the information from the external database where you have all the information. The data should be sent to the SupportCenter_Home\csv_files\1 directory.  



    1. Once the CSV file is available in the CSV directory. CSV File Name gets displayed automatically in un-editable format.

    2. Specify the File Encoding format from the combo box.

    3. Click the Show Fields button to map the fields. Map the fields.

    4. To schedule the settings click the Enable radio button.

    5. Select the Time duration from the combo box.

    6. Select the Date from the calender button and also select the start schedule time from the drop down list.

    7. If you like to notify the support rep on the failure of the CSV import update then click Notification check box.  

    8. Save the settings.


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