SupportCenter Plus

    Configuring Product

    Commodities purchased by the account are called products in SupportCenter Plus. You can either import all the product details into the application using Import Products from CSV or you can add the products purchased manually and associate them to accounts. Say, Dell Latitude D600 is a product representing Dell Laptops.


    To access the product configuration page,

    1. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    2. Click on Product icon products-admin under the Account Settings block. The product list view page opens. From this page you can add, edit and delete a product.  


    Add Product 

    1. Click Add Product link.

    2. In the Add Product form, enter the Product Name. This field is mandatory.

    3. Choose the Product Type under which you would like to classify the product from the drop down.

    4. Enter the Part No. of the product.

    5. You also have an option to enter the Warranty Period of the product by choosing the number of years and months from the drop down.

    6. Enter the purchased price of the product in Unit Price ($) field.

    7. If you have added any Additional Product Details fields then the additional fields is displayed under Additional Product Details block.

    8. If required, add relevant Comments for the product.

    9. Click Save. The product is added to the product list.


    Edit Product

    1. Click the Edit iconediticonbeside Product Name you wish to modify the details.

    2. In the Edit Product form, you can edit all the fields mentioned in the add product procedure.

    3. Save the changes.


    Delete Product


    A product can be deleted only if it is not being referenced elsewhere. To delete a product,

    1. Click the Delete icondeleteiconbeside the Product Name. A confirmation dialog is opened.

    2. Click Ok to proceed with the deletion. The product is deleted from the list. If you do not wish to delete the product, click Cancel.




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