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    Support Plan

    You can differentiate the level of support offered to your customers using Support Plan. The support services provided to the customer is grouped under a Support Plan which helps in determining the due by time for requests.





    Your organization is providing service contract to Acme Inc for the Support Service - Warranty, Support and Replacement queries, for every 100 incidents. Instead of associating these services individually to the account, you can group these services as a Support Plan with the Support Type as 'Incident'. So for the first 100 incidents, your organization will provide support to Acme Inc.


    To access the support plan configuration page,

    1. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    2. Click Support Plan icon Request Form Customizer Icon under the Contract Settings block. The Support Plan list view page is displayed. You can add, edit, and delete support plans as per your need.




    1. Operations such as Add, Edit and Delete can be performed from the Support Plan list view.


    2. You can set any support plan as default from the list view.


    Add Support Plan

    1. Click Add Support Plan link.

    2. From the Support Plan form, specify a unique name for the Support Plan in the Support Plan Name field. This field is mandatory.  

    3. Specify the Description for the support plan in the given text field.

    4. Select type of support offered for the support plan, say, support based on incidents or the number of hours from Support Type field.

      If the Support Type is Hour Based, then specify the No. of Hours, and the Total Cost ($) in the provided fields and also specify the Hourly Rates per hour.
      If the Support Type is Incident Based specify the No. of Incidents, Total Cost ($), and also specify the Hourly Rates per incident.

    5. All the rate types configured in the application are listed under the Hourly Rates field. Specify the rates for the rate types which you wish to add it to the support plan. If you wish to remove the rate type, click Remove link beside the rate type. You can also add rate types if required using Add another entry link. A text field appears with tick and cross mark, where you can enter the Rate Type and click the tick mark to add the rate type.

    6. By default, the list of all the services is available in Support Services block. You can select the services offered for this Support Plan by selecting the check box beside them. You can also add additional Support Service using Add New link.

    7. Click Save. The new support plan is added to the already existing list.


    Setting a Default Support Plan

    The default support plan is applied when the account is not associated to any contract. You can set any support plan as default from the Support Plan list view page.

    1. Click on Set as Default Support Plan iconnondefault_icon beside the support plan from the in the list view.

    2. A dialog box appears confirming the operation.

    3. Click Ok to continue. The support plan is set as default indicated with the icon default_icon.


    Edit Support Plan

    1. Click on Edit icon edit-icon-oldbeside the support plan name to be edited.

    2. From the edit support plan form, Modify the required details.

    3. Save the changes. At any point, if you wish to cancel the operation that you are performing, click Cancel.


    Delete Support Plan

    1. Click on Delete icondeleteiconbeside the support plan name you wish to delete. A confirmation dialog appears.

    2. Click Ok to proceed with the deletion. If you do not want to delete the support plan, then click Cancel.

    Note: You cannot delete a support plan which is being used in the Contracts module.


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