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    Backup Scheduling

    You can take backup of all your data at regular intervals using Backup Scheduling option.

    1. Click on the Admin tab in the header pane to open the configurations wizard page.

    2. Select Backup Scheduling icon backup-scheduling-icon under Organizational Settings. The backup scheduling page opens.


    Scheduling a Backup

    1. Click on Add Scheduling link if you are configuring backup for the first time.

    2. Enable Backup Schedule using the radio button.

    3. Select the date to Start the backup from the calender icon calender. And also select the Time in hours and minutes from the respective drop down.  

    4. You can schedule the backup process for every n number of days. Select the Number of days from the drop down.

    5. You have an option to either perform backup of the entire data available or the backup of data without the attachments. Select the corresponding radio button for Backup Type.

    6. Specify the Backup Location to store the backup files.

    7. Click Save. The backup taken at regular intervals is listed in Backup Scheduling list view along with the Next Backup Scheduled time.


    Deleting Backup Files

    1. From the Backup Scheduling list view, enable the check box beside the files you wish to delete.

    2. Click Delete button. A confirmation dialog opens.

    3. Click Ok to continue. The backup file is deleted from the list.

    Note: While performing a backup, the indexing is temporarily stopped to avoid schedule backup failure. Since the indexing is stopped, you cannot search for latest updates in the application during the backup process.


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