SupportCenter Plus

    Data Archiving

    Data archiving enables the user to archive closed requests and move them to a separate storage state. You can automate the archiving process by enabling scheduled archiving.


    To configure data archiving,

    1. Log on to SupportCenter Plus using the Username and Password of the admin user.

    2. Click Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard.

    3. Click Data Archiving icon archiving-icon under the Organization Settings block.
    4. Select the Enable Scheduled Archiving check box.
    5. Choose the number of months/years from the drop down before which the requests where closed.

    6. Click Save. The requests closed before the chosen period will be moved to the archived state.


    • Data Archiving process will be executed every 12 hours from the time of schedule.

    • To view the archived requests list, click Requests tab in the header panel. Click on Archived Requests link under Views.
    • Once archived, the requests in the archived state cannot be modified or deleted.

    • The Archived requests will be removed from the current active requests list. They will not appear in the current active requests list, search or reports. They are considered as a separate set with separate search options and reports.

    • Any reply to an already archived request will be added as a new request and not as a thread to the existing archived request.


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