SupportCenter Plus

    System Notification Settings

    In case of any application error such as mail fetching problem or if there is a failure in the backup process, you have an option to alert the concern support reps immediately using System Notification Settings. Furthermore, you can prevent unwanted acknowledgements or notifications being sent to the support reps through Junk Notification Filter.

    1. Click on the Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard page.

    2. Click on System Notification Settings icon system-notification-icon under Organizational Settings.

    3. In the System Notification Settings page, specify the name to be sent along with the notification in Sender Name filed.

    4. Specify the Reply-To mail address.




    To enable notification to support reps when an application error occurs or when there is a failure in backup process,

    1. Enable the check box beside Send e-mail when an Application Error Occurs.

    2. Select the support reps to be notified by clicking Choose button.

    3. The Select Support Rep window pops up, displaying the list of all the global support reps. You can select more than a single support rep and click Ok. The selected support reps are displayed in the non editable text field.

    Apart from this, you can also customize the email template of the notifications "New User Registration E-Mail" and "Password Reset Request Notification". To do this, click the Customize Template link. The screen refreshes with the Message Template settings from where you can edit the notification subject and message by adding or deleting variables to either of the block and click Save. To add or delete variables to subject and message of the email template, just click the corresponding variable in the list box on the right.



    Junk Notification Filter


    Junk Notification Filters prevents unwanted acknowledgements, notifications or information mails being sent to support reps that are not requested and do not require any action to be taken. These unwanted mails might create unnecessary email loop into the system.  Acknowledgements for mails such as Out of Office replies, notifications that bounce back when the mail destination is not reachable (because of a wrong mail address) can be stopped from being acknowledged or notified. 


    You can also click on Edit Criteria and create a new notification filter. You can define a rule stating what mails need not require acknowledgement.


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