SupportCenter Plus

    Notification Rules

    Notification Rules can be set for request, solution, contract and activities modules. You can configure to send notification and alerts to account managers, contacts and support reps on various instances such as, notify contacts when requests are closed, alert support reps when a request is assigned to them, notify all support reps when a solution is approved and so on.


    In addition, there may be some default actions that you might want to perform when the state of any item changes. These default configurations can also be defined under Notification Rules.

    1. Click on the Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard page.

    2. Click on Notification Rules iconNotification Rules Icon under the Main Settings block. The set of Notification Rules is displayed. You can set notification rules for Request, Solution, Contract and Activities modules.  


    1. To enable or disable any of the notification rules, select or de-select the check box beside each of the rules.

    2. For certain notifications like, "Alerting support reps when a new request is created", "Alerting support reps when a new user registers in the portal", and "Notify Support Reps when solution is created or Modified", you need to choose the support rep(s) to be notified by clicking Choose button and selecting the support reps from the pop-up window. Click Ok.

    3. Click Save.


    Customizing Templates


    You can customize the message template which will be sent for various events such as, replying to a request, escalation of SLA, notifying support reps, task and event reminder notification, announcements and so on. You can also customize the message template for each of the notifications.


    To customize the template,

    1. Click on the Customize Template link of the notification. The template opens in a editable format as shown below,


    1. Modify the notification Subject and Message by adding or deleting variables to either of the block. To add variables to subject and message of the email template, just click the corresponding variable in the list box on the right.

    2. Once you have completed the modifications, Save the settings.



    For Contract Expiry Notification, you need to select Enable Notification check box while creating a new contract. The Contract Expiry Notification template can also be customized to suit your needs.   



    Self-Service Login Notification


    The purpose of 'Send Self-Service login details' option under Request -> Contact Notification, is to send the SupportCenter Plus login details to the customer via e-mail. You can also customize the message content from a wide range of variables including the additional fields configured for accounts and contacts.


    If multi tenancy is enabled through Business Units, then the Business Unit additional fields for accounts and contacts are also listed amongst the other variables. Selecting a variable, lists it in the message text field along with the field type. So when a new contact is added in SupportCenter Plus, the message and the variable customized in the template is sent to the contact via email.





    1. If an additional field is selected in the message template but a value is not entered in the add new contact/account form, then the additional field does not appear in the email sent to the contact.


    2. The additional fields does not appear if the contact is provided with the login details from Unapproved Contacts list view.  



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