SupportCenter Plus

    Job Sheet Customizer


    Job Sheet in SupportCenter Plus is a template encompasses the complete details of the customer request that can be printed and used by the field technician on a customer visit. The job sheet template is fully customizable and the administrator can add or remove variables in the template by just clicking the preferred variables from the list box. The customization is specific to a particular business unit and it gets reflected from the Request Details page under the Actions drop down --> Print Job sheet.


    Customizing Template


    You can customize the job sheet template as preferred by using a wide range of variables including the additional fields variables. You can add or remove variables in the message template by just clicking the preferred variable in the list box.


    To customize the template,

    1. Click on the Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard page.

    2. Click on Job Sheet Customizer icon under the Helpdesk Settings block. The template opens in a editable format as shown below. From this page you can edit the default job sheet template.


    1. Modify the Logo, Organization, Contact, Account, Request, and Service Details by adding or deleting variables. To add variables to the template, just click the corresponding variable in the list box on the right. You can also add Product details variables if required.

    2. Once you have completed the modifications, Save the settings.

    3. To preview the job sheet while customizing click Preview.

    4. To restore to the default message template, select Restore Default Template.

    5. At any point, if you do not wish to modify the template and would like to get back to the configuration wizard page, click Cancel.


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