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    Request Closing Rules


    With Request Closing Rules, you can set the mandatory fields to be filled in by the support rep while closing a request. In addition, you also have options for users to close/re-open the resolved request from the application or from the link provided via email, and to automate the request closing process.  

    Say, you have selected Resolution as the mandatory field. So on resolving the request, support reps should enter the reason and solution for the request in the resolution field, else an error pops up stating to enter the details in the resolution field.


    To access the Request Closing Rules configuration page,

    1. Click on the Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard page.

    2. Click on Helpdesk Customizer icon helpdesk-customizer-icon under Helpdesk Settings.

    3. Click on Request Closing Rules link from the menu on the left hand side of the page.


    Setting Mandatory fields and Auto-Close Request Settings

    1. Enable the check box beside the mandatory fields for closing the request.

    2. Enabling Allow contacts to Close/Re-open the Resolved requests check box, allows the contact to close/re-open the request either from the link provided via email or from contact login, when the support rep moves the state of the request to Resolved.

    3. You can also Automate the request closing process. Enable If the contact takes no action within the specified number of days check box and select the number of days after which the resolved request should get closed automatically.

      1. An email is sent to the contact once the request is in the resolved state.

      2. The contact can close the request using the link provided via email. He can also re-open the request by replying to the mail or clicking the Re-open Request button. A more simpler method to close or re-open the request is by logging into the application.

      3. If the contact takes neither of the actions, then the request gets closed after the specified number of days from the combo box.

    1. Save the details.




    1. Please note that the check box "If the contact takes no action within the specified number of days can be selected only on enabling "Allow contacts to Close/Re-open the Resolved requests" check box.

    2. Whenever the auto close setting is enabled, the requests resolved thereafter will alone be auto closed. The requests which are resolved before enabling this setting will not be auto closed.



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