SupportCenter Plus

    Salesforce CRM Settings

    SupportCenter Plus integration with Salesforce CRM helps you to import Account and Contact information from Salesforce CRM into SupportCenter Plus. You can also automate the process of importing Accounts and Contacts from Salesforce CRM through scheduled import option.


    To access Salesforce CRM Settings page,

    1. Click Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard page.

    2. Click Salesforce CRM Settings icon zoho-crm-icon under Integration & Add-ons block.


    Configuring Salesforce CRM Settings


    1. Select the checkbox Enable Salesforce Integration to enable the import. If this option is not selected while saving,then configuration details will be saved however, import will not happen.

    2. Enter the Username ,Password ,Consumer Key ,Consumer Secret Key ,User Secret Token of Salesforce in the fields provided.

    3. Select the modules to import the details from Salesforce CRM by selecting the check box beside each module name. You cannot import contacts without accounts 

    4. Click on the Map Import Fields . Configure the Salesforce - SupportCenter Plus field mapping of respective modules here. <name> represents the field name under the selected module of SupportCenter Plus. <value> represents the api field name of the selected module in Salesforce. <type> represents the field type.

    5. Enter the frequency of import in Import Every field provided. Also choose the corresponding unit for the frequency of import either to days or hours

    6. Click Save.

      NOTE: If business units are enabled, the data will get imported into the default business unit.


    Creating Consumer Key, Consumer Secret Key and User Secret Token 


    You should have a Salesforce CRM account to generate the above mentioned. To integrate Saleforce CRM with SupportCenter Plus, it should be registered with Salesforce as a Connected App

    1.  To register as a connected app, login to Salesforce, select Setup ->build ->create ->apps ->connected apps ->new
    2. Enter the following details:

      • Connected App Name: SupportCenter Plus

      • API Name: SupportCenter_Plus

      • Email: Email of your organization

      • Select the checkbox Enable Oauth Settings and select full scope from the list of options in the field Salesforce OAuth Scope

      • Call back url:

    3. Click Save.

    4. After registering as a connected app,click on the app name listed SupportCenter Plus listed on the Connected Apps tab. You can get the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Key from this page

    5. For generating User Secret Token,Click on My Settings from the top right of Salesforce CRM, choose reset my security token, secret token will be sent to the mail associated with Salesforce CRM account









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