SupportCenter Plus

    Adding New Contact

    You can add contacts manually in SupportCenter Plus, associate them to accounts and provide login access permission. In addition, you can also configure the permission to view requests for the contact while accessing the Customer Portal.


    The new contact form can be accessed in two ways in the SupportCenter Plus application,

    1. Add New drop down

    2. Contacts tab

    Add New drop down


    The Add New drop down is a quick navigator to instantly access the New Contacts form from the home page.





    To configure the New Contact, go to Step 3 in Contacts tab.



    Contacts Tab

    1. Click the Contacts tab in the header pane to open the Contact list view page.

    2. Click on New Contact button.  

    3. From the New Contacts form, specify the name of the contact in the Name field. This is a mandatory field.

      If the existing contacts have similar names then SupportCenter gives an option to use any of the following user profiles as shown below,


    1. Specify the details such as, Email ID, Phone and Mobile number of the contact. If the contact has an Alternative E-mail, then enter the same in the given text field.

    2. Specify the Job Title of the contact.

    3. You can associate the contact to a account or sub account. Select the Account/Sub Account from the drop down.

      If the account is unavailable in the list, then you can add a new account using the Add New Account link. The drop down box disappears and a text field appears where you can enter the Account Name.  

    4. Provide permission to the contact, to view requests while accessing Customer Portal by enabling either of the radio button.  

      • Their Own Requests only: By default, this option is enabled irrespective of whether the contact is associated or not associated to an account.  

      • All Requests from their Account (Primary Contact): Contacts can view all the requests raised from their account.

      • All Requests from their Account and sub account: Contacts can view all the requests raised from their account and sub accounts.

    1. If there are any Additional Contact Details, then enter the same in the respective fields. You can configure Additional Contact Fields in the Admin module.

    2. You can provide login permission to the Customer Portal on enter the Login Name and Password under Login details block.

    3. Re-enter the password in Re-type Password field.

    4. Specify relevant information about the contact in the Description field.

    5. Save the details.

    You can send the login details to the contact by enabling "Send Self Service login details" option in Notifications Rules under the Admin tab. [Refer Notification Rules to know how to set the notification rules]


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