SupportCenter Plus

    Contacts List View

    On clicking the Contacts tab, the page redirects you to the Contacts List View page where you can maintain and organize all the Contacts created in SupportCenter Plus. You have the facility to,

    • Customize the page to display the contacts

    • Option to view contacts based on filters

    • Import Accounts/Contacts from CSV

    • Effective Search option through keywords and alphabets.

    • Set the number of contacts to be displayed per page

    • Perform operations such as creating new contact, editing and deleting contacts.


    From the Contacts List View, you can:

    1. Views: Customize the page to display the Contacts using Custom Views option. The Contacts is sorted based on the filter criteria you specify while creating the custom view. You can create, reorder, and manage the custom views. The custom views created can be made public or private. [Refer Custom Views for more information.]

    2. Import Accounts/Contact from CSV: Import relevant data of account and contact information from the existing database as well as from other applications. [Refer Importing Accounts/Contacts from CSV for more information.]

    3. Set the number of Contacts per page and navigation buttons: View the entire list of contacts configured in SupportCenter Plus application by settings the number of Contacts to be viewed per page. Navigate through the pages using the next and previous navigation buttons.   


    1. Recent Items: All the recent items viewed by you is displayed under the Recent Items block. You can also navigate back to the pages on clicking on the item link.


    1. Search: Search for Contacts either through alphabets or column-wise search option. [Refer Searching Contacts for more information.]


    2. Creating New Contact: Create New Contacts. [Refer Adding New Contact for more information.]

    3. Bulk Operations:

      • Deleting: Delete bulk Contacts from the list view. [Refer Deleting Contact for more information.]

      • Reconcile Contacts: Reconcile contacts who have multiple entries in SupportCenter Plus. [Refer Reconcile Contacts for more information.]


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