SupportCenter Plus

    Contact Details Page

    The details of the contact added by you, while creating the contact is displayed under Contacts Details page. You can edit, delete and view the requests raised by the contact from this page.


    To view the contact details page,

    1. Click on the Contacts tab in the header pane to open the contacts details page.

    2. Select the Contact Name link of the contact to be viewed. The View Contact Details page opens.


    Contact Details


    This block displays details of the contact that was entered while adding the contact information. In addition, the contact details block also contains option to view the requests raised by the contact and perform operations such as edit and delete on the contact details.




    Edit Contact


    You can also edit a contact from the contact details page,

    1. Click Edit Contact button.

    2. The Edit Contact page opens with the values populated while adding the contact.

    3. Modify the details and click Update.


    Delete Contact


    To delete the contact,

    1. Click Delete Contact button.

    2. A confirmation dialog appears.

    3. Click Ok to proceed. The contact is removed from the list.


    Recent Requests


    The Contact details page displays a quick view of all the recent requests raised by the contact. You can also view all the requests raised by the contact by clicking View All Requests link.




    Select the filter to view the requests to be displayed as shown in the image above.


    If you are on a phone call with the contact then you can add a request instantly from the contact details page. Click customview-icon Add Request link. The details of the contact is automatically filled in the respective fields. All you need to do is enter the Request Title and the Description of the request.




    If you wish to add more details to the request like, setting the priority and assigning to support rep, select Add more Details link which opens the new request form.


    Account Mapping


    If you have raised the request without account information for the contact in the Request Details page, you can update all the requests with the new account information from the Contact Details page.


    To map the account information with the previous requests:

    1. Click Update Request-Account Mapping link. A pop up message appears seeking your confirmation to update all the previous requests with the new account.


    1. Click Yes, Update All Previous Requests button. The account information is mapped with all the requests.

    Note: The account information will be mapped with all the requests raised by the contact, but the contract details associated to the account will get applied only for the request with Open status.


    Tasks and Events


    The tasks and events associated to the contact are listed in the Tasks and Events block respectively. You can also add a new task and event from this page. Clicking on the Title of the task or event redirects you to the Activities tab, from where you can perform edit and delete operations. To know more on adding new task and event, refer Add New Tasks and Add New Events.


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