SupportCenter Plus

    Registered Contacts

    Registered contacts are similar to that of unapproved contacts, except, these contacts have registered for SupportCenter Plus through the Customer Portal. On registering, these contacts are listed under Registered Contacts from where the users have to be approved and provided login permissions to the customer portal.


    If the administrator has enabled notifications to be sent to support reps when a new user registers in the portal, upon registering, the support reps will receive a Registration Awaiting Approval mail with a link to approve the contacts. Clicking on the link opens the Registered Contacts list view page. To approve a contact, go to step 3 in Approving Registered Contacts.



    Approving Registered Contacts

    1. Click Contacts tab in the header pane to open the contact list view page.

    2. Click Registered Contacts link under Views.

    3. From the Registered Contacts list view, select the contacts to be approved by enabling the check box.

    4. To approve the contact slect Approve option from the Approve Actions drop down.

    5. You can also approve and provide customer portal login permission to the contact by selecting Approve & provide login option fromt the Approve Actions drop down. The selected contacts are listed under All contacts.

    6. You can remove registered contacts by clicking on Delete button.


    The new customers who awaits approval from the concerned support rep will alone get listed under Registered Contacts. The other customers without approval process will automatically get added to the Contacts module upon registration through portal.


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