SupportCenter Plus

    Reconcile Contacts

    Contacts with multiple entries in SupportCenter Plus can be reconciled into one. Say for instance, a contact sends a request from mail address as, and replies to the request from another mail address as, then these two mail address are considered as two different contacts in SupportCenter Plus.


    If you are aware that the same user is sending mails from different mail addresses then you can reconcile the two users as one. And in future if you receive mails from the reconciled mail id, the application shows or refers to the current available name and mail ID.

    1. Click the Contacts tab in the header pane to open the Contact list view page.

    2. Select the check box beside the contacts to be reconciled.

    3. Click Reconcile Contacts button to open the Reconcile Contacts page.

    4. All the selected contact is listed in the page. Enable the radio button beside the primary contact.

    5. Click Reconcile.  All the contacts except for the selected primary contact is reconciled.  


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