Contracts in SupportCenter Plus are the services offered to an account and their associated products for a specific time period. These support services are grouped under a Support Plan which determines the due by time for requests raised for the account/product.


Contracts can be created for an account with single or multiple products. A service contract can be associated to an account with multiple products in the same time period. Multiple contracts can be associated to a single product, provided the time period of each contract does not overlap. Apart from associating service contracts to products, contracts can be associated to accounts alone. Thus based on the associated contracts, any request raised for the account should be resolved based on the support plan and applied due by time.




  1. Contracts plays a vital role in setting the due by time for a request.

  2. The time period of two different contracts associated to an account should not overlap.


Resolving requests based on Contracts  


Users raise requests into SupportCenter Plus and these requests are resolved based on contracts, provided the user has an account in the SupportCenter Plus database. If the user has an valid account, then the contract associated to the account is identified after which, the due by time for the request is applied.


The work flow explains how contracts are involved for resolving requests.




Identify the Customer/Product


On receiving request from a customer in the application,

If the customer and his company details are not available in the list of contacts in SupportCenter Plus database, then the Default Support Plan is applied for that request.



Identify the Active Contract


Identify the associated contracts and analyze if the account has an active contract,


Service Level Agreement and Support Plan


The support services offered for an account is listed in the corresponding contract details. Based on the account, the Support Plan has associated Service Level Agreement with certain SLA rules. Using these SLA rules the due by time for a request is applied.   

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