SupportCenter Plus

    Creating New Contract

    Contracts are services offered to an account and their associated products for a definite time period. You can create a service contract for an account with a single or multiple products. For products associated to an account, you can associate a contract to all products with the same active period of contract.


    The hours/incidents mentioned for a contract should be used within the active period. The unused hours/incidents in the contract period will be lost when the contract expires. If the hours/incidents used exceeds the contract hours, the exceeded hours/incidents will be shown with negative sign.


    Note: You cannot create multiple contracts for a single product with the same time period.


    Adding new contracts


    The new contract form can be accessed by two ways in SupportCenter Plus application.

    1. Add New drop down.

    2. Contracts tab


    Add New drop down


    The Add New drop down is a quick navigator to instantly access the New Contract form from the home page.



    To configure the New Contracts, go to Step 3 in Contracts tab.



    Contracts Tab

    1. Click Contracts tab in the header pane to open the Contract list view page.

    2. Click New Contracts button.

    3. From the New Contract form, specify the Contract Name. This field is mandatory.

    4. Specify the Contract Number.

    5. Specify the Active Period (Start date and End date) of the contract using the calender icon . If the End date is not specified then the contract is active for ever. This field is mandatory.

    6. All the accounts configured in SupportCenter Plus are listed in Account Name drop down list from which you can select the account to associate this contract.

      If the account name is not listed then, you can add a new account by clicking Add New Account link beside account name field. This field is also mandatory.

    7. If you are creating contracts for all the products associated to the selected account, choose All Requests raised by this Account option under the Apply Contract to field. By default, this option is selected. Or, if you are creating contracts for particular products then choose the Products option. The Search Products section is displayed from where you need to search products by entering the search keyword in the search field.

      Note: The Search Products section displays the products associated to the selected account.

    8. To move the products to the Selected Products block, select the product and click >> Assign button. You can also select all the products by selecting Select All checkbox.

    1. Click Apply button.

    1. Enter a brief Description about the contract.

    2. Under Support Plan details block, choose a plan from the Select a Plan drop down list. While configuring a support plan, if you have specified the Support Type as 'Incident Based' and filled in the values such as No of Incidents, Total Cost, and Hourly Rates the same is populated in the new contract form.

      If you have selected the Support Type as 'Hour Based' and filled in values like No of Hours, Total Cost, and Hourly Rates, the same is populated in the new contract form. Refer Support Plan to know more.

    3. If any SLA applied to the selected Support Plan, the details are displayed under the SLA Details block.

    4. All the available support services configured are listed and the services offered by the selected Support Plan are automatically enabled. If required, you can Add New Service to the list.

    5. To attach any relevant file to the contract,

      1. Click Attach to open Add/Remove attachment window.

      2. Click Browse to locate the file.

      3. Click Attach. The file is attached along with its size.

      4. Click Done to close the page. The File attached field consists of the name of the file attached.

    6. You can notify users before the contract expires by selecting Enable Notification check box. The Available Users list is displayed from which you need to select users and move them to Selected Users list by clicking >> button.

    7. Specify the days before which the user has to be notified of the contract expiry in the Notify before field.

    8. According to your support plan, you can specify the hours and incidents before which the user has to be notified of the contract expiry in the Notify before filed.

    9. Save the details.


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