SupportCenter Plus

    System Log Viewer

    You can view the log entries generated by the SupportCenter Plus application online. System Log Viewer captures all the log details of Accounts, Contacts Requests sand Admin modules.



    Note: You can also view the error logs in the file name serverout0.txt found under C:\ManageEngine\SupportCenter\server\default\log.


    To view the error logs from the application,

    1. Log in to the SupportCenter Plus application using your user name and password. If you have the permissions to view the support information, you will see a Support link in the header pane.

    2. Click the Support link. This opens the Support page.

    3. Click the system-log-viewer-iconSystem Log Viewer link available in the Support page. The System Log list view page opens.

    Viewing Individual Log Details


    To view the individual log details,

    1. In the System Log list view page, click the hyperlinked Log Message. This opens the System Log Details page.

    2. The Date & Time fields shows the date and time when the log occurred.

    3. The Module field indicates the module (Example, Admin) in which the log occurred.

    4. The Sub Module field indicates the sub module (Example, Mail Server Settings - Incoming) in which the log occurred.
    5. The Level field indicates the type of log entry (Example, Info or Error).
    6. The Log Message field contains the complete error message.

    7. The Action field indicates the type of action carried out (Example, Update).

    8. The Performed By field indicates the origin of the error. For example, if it is a system-generated error, then the Performed By field contains System as its value.

    9. The Log Message field contains the complete log message.

    10. If the probable cause of the log is known, then the cause is displayed in the Cause field.
      NOTE: The Cause of the log will be shown only if the Level is Error.

    11. Click Back button after viewing the details of the log entry to get back to the list view.

    None of these fields are editable.


    Delete Error Logs


    You can delete these log entries. To delete individual log entry,

    1. In the System Log list view page, select check boxes beside the Date & Time field that you wish to delete.

    2. Click Clear. The log entries will be deleted.

    If you want to delete all the existing log entries, then click the Clear All button.



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