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    Publishing Announcements

    You can publish announcements as public (to all contacts) or only to the support reps. The announcement board is available in the login home where the recent announcements is displayed.  




    The icons beside the announcements in the home page depicts whether the announcement is public, private or a new announcement.


    announcement-public Announcement made public i.e., announcements visible to all contacts on log in.

    announcement-supportrep Announcements published only to support reps.

    announcementwithanote Newly added announcement which is published only to support reps.

    announcements-new Newly added company wide announcements.



    Add New Announcement


    To add a new announcement,

    1. From the announcement block in the home page, click on Add New button.

    2. Specify the Announcement Title. This can be a short statement describing the announcement. It is a mandatory field.

    3. Enter the detailed content of the announcement in Announcement Content field.

      Say, if there is a webinar conducted for eServer from 4 PM to 6 PM on the 26-09-2009 at Conference Room II, then the Announcement title can be "Webinar conducted for eServer" and the details like the date and venue can be specified as the Announcement Content.

    4. Select the To date from the calender calender icon. You can also select the Time for the selected date from this calender icon. By default, From contains the date and time when the announcement was created.

      To show the announcement forever, leave the To field blank.

    5. To publish this announcement only to the support reps, select Show this announcement only to Support reps check box. The announcement will not be visible to the contacts.

    6. You can also send the announcement as email to support reps or contacts on selecting the check box beside Send this announcement as email.

      Enter the To mail address. If you wish to send the same information to more than one person, enter the email Ids of those people in the CC field separated by comma. If you do not wish to disclose the recipients of the information, enter the email ids of those people in BCC field separated by comma.

      The announcement is sent as email to the concern people and the announcement is added as Public in the home page.

    7. Click Save.

    The announcement is added and a pop up window appears displaying the announcement details. From this window, you can Edit, Delete and navigate Previous and Next to other announcements. Using this navigation options you can view the announcements without closing the pop up window.



    Manage Announcements


    To view all the announcements added in the application,

    1. From the announcement block in the home page, click on Show All button. The Manage Announcements page opens as show,


    2. By default, all the announcements are shown. You can select the announcements to displayed in the column view from Filtering Showing combo box. You can view announcements that is Currently Shown or announcements that is To be shown in the home page or announcement that is Already displayed.



    1. From this page, you can add a new announcement, edit a announcement and bulk delete announcements.


    2. To view the details of a announcement click on the title of the announcement either from the announcement block or from manage announcements page.


    3. Contacts can view only the current announcements.



    Edit an Announcement


    You can edit an announcement either from the manage announcements page or while viewing the announcement detail. To edit an announcement from the announcement pop up,

    1. Select the Title of the announcement you wish to edit from Manage Announcements page. The details of the announcement opens in a pop up window.

    2. Click on Edit button.

    3. From the edit announcement pop up, make the changes and click Save. If you do not want to make any changes, click Cancel.  


    Deleting Announcements


    To delete a announcement,

    1. From the home page, click on the Title of the announcement to be deleted. The announcement details page pop ups.

    2. Click on Delete button. A confirmation dialog appears.

    3. Click Ok to proceed with the delete operation. The announcement is deleted from the list.

    Alternatively for bulk deletion of announcements,

    1. From the home page, click on Show All button in the announcement block. The Manage Announcement page opens.

    2. Select the announcement to be deleted by enabling the check boxes.

    3. Click Delete button. A confirmation dialog box appears.

    4. Click Ok to proceed. The announcement is deleted from the list.


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