SupportCenter Plus

    Registering SupportCenter Plus

    Once your trial evaluation period is over, you need to register the SupportCenter Plus application. To purchase the application, please contact They will send you the registered license file. Using this license file, you can register the SupportCenter Plus application.


    To register SupportCenter Plus,

    1. Log in to the SupportCenter Plus application using the user name and password of an admin user.
    2. Click the License link available at the right top of the application. The License window is opened as shown,

    3. Click the Browse button to locate the license file sent to you when you purchased the application.
    4. From the file chooser window, select the license file and click Open.
    5. Click Apply.

    If your license has expired, then follow the steps given below,

    1. Save the license file in one of the directories of the server machine.

    2. Start the server from the command prompt.

    3. A message prompts for the license file path.

    4. Enter the full directory path of the license file.

    5. Shutdown the server when it begins to start.

    • Open another command prompt

    • Go to the bin directory

    • Run the script

      • cmd> sh -S

    After this process you will be able to start the server using the normal mode (Start -> Programs -> ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus-> Start Server). 


    The registration of the SupportCenter Plus application is complete. You can continue using the application.


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