SupportCenter Plus


    In addition to email and SMS notifications, the Support Reps can also be notified about the request update through notification icon on the header pane. Once the Support Rep logs into SupportCenter Plus, he/she would see the request updates in the Notifications pop up. The following request activities which involve Support Rep participation are notified in the Notifications pop up. The notifications will be displayed, whenever a

    • request is assigned to Support Rep

    • contact replied to a request

    • request submitted for approval

    • task is assigned to Support Rep

    • note is added to the request

    • request is approved or rejected.

    Notifications appear in the top right corner of the header pane beside the Add New drop down. When a new notification is received, a red bubble will appear with the number of new notifications over the notification icon. For example, when a contact replies to the request, you will see the count above the notification icon. Click on the icon to view notification. All recent notifications will be displayed first based on the time in the Notifications pop up.





    View Notifications


    To view support rep notifications,

    1. Click on notification icon to open Notifications pop up.


    1. You can view the notifications and if you would like to take necessary action on the notification, you can click the required notifications link. Clicking on the link will take you to the corresponding details page.







    1. If any of the notified activity (request, task or note) is deleted, the notification will still remain in the Notifications pop up and will not be deleted.


    2. Notifications will be deleted once in every 7 days.



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