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    Scheduled Reports

    You can schedule to run the selected reports daily, weekly or monthly using this option. On scheduling the report, the selected report gets generated automatically on the specified date and time and the generated report is sent to the respective person through e-mail. Thus by scheduling the reports you get the data in regular intervals without manually generating it.

    1. Click on the Reports tab in the header pane to open the All Reports page.

    2. Click New Scheduled Report button. The Schedule Report page opens. You have four option to schedule reports,

    Generate Once
    You can generate the report only once by specify the Date using the calendar icon calender and Time from the hours and minutes drop down.


    Daily Report
    Generate reports on a daily basis by specify the From Date and Time in hours and minutes from the drop down.


    Weekly Report
    Generate weekly report by enabling the check box beside the days of the week on which you want to generate reports, or you can select Everyday check box to generate reports on daily basis. Also specify the Time in hours and minutes.  


    Monthly Report
    Generate reports on a monthly basis by enabling the check box beside the month on which the report has to be generated, or by select Every Month check box to generate reports on monthly basis. Also, select the Date the report has to be generated every month and the Time in hours and minutes.

    1. Once you select the Schedule Type, select the Report to schedule from Report drop down.The report drop down lists all the available reports in the application. This field is mandatory.  

    2. Select the Format in which the report should be generated from the drop down.Say, PDF, HTML, CSV and so on.

    3. Specify the Email ID of the person to whom the generated report has to be sent in the To field.

    4. Specify the Subject and Message to be sent along with the report in the respective fields.

    5. Save the details.


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