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    Query Reports

    The Query Editor helps you to create your custom report by defining your query. With the Query editor you can join different tables from different modules.

    1. Click on the Reports tab in the header pane to open the All Reports page.

    2. Click New Query Report button. The Query Editor opens.

    3. Click Create button. Click New Query Report option. This opens the Query Editor page.

    4. Specify the title of the report in the Report Title field. This field is mandatory.

    5. Specify the query to be executed in the Query field. This field is also mandatory.

    6. The Logs displays all error messages on providing any wrong query.

    7. Click Run Report to run query report.



    1. Date Formulae: DATE_FORMAT (FROM_UNIXTIME (COLUMN_NAME/1000),'%d-%m-%Y %k: %i') 'Column Alias'.

    2. Minutes Formulae: ROUND ((((COLUMN_NAME/1000)/60)) % 60) 'Minutes'.

    3. Hours Formulae: ROUND (((COLUMN_NAME/1000)/3600)) 'Hours'.

    4. Compare Date: COLUMN_NAME >= (UNIX_TIMESTAMP (DATE ('2006-07-24 00:00:00')) * 1000).

    5. Convert Memory in GB: ((((MEMORY_COLUMN)/1024)/1024)/1024)

    6. Default Value For Null Data: COALESCE (COLUMN_NAME, 'Unassigned')

    7. Group by: Query statement will be ends with order by <column_index>


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