SupportCenter Plus

    Adding Tasks

    You can assign different tasks to different support reps using the Add Task option in Request details page. Say, if a request sent by the contact involves the need for multiple support reps then the owner of the request can assign different tasks to different support reps.


    To add a follow-up task for a request,

    1. Click the Request tab in the header pane to open the request details page.

    2. Click the Subject link of the request to which you would like to add a follow-up task.

    3. From the request details page, select Actions drop down menu -> Add Task option. The Tasks page opens as shown below,


    1. Specify the Title of the task. It is a mandatory field.

    2. Enter the content of the task in the Description field.

    3. You can mention a tentative date to commence and finish the task from the calender icon calender beside Schedule Start Time and Schedule End Time.

    4. The Actual Start Time and Actual End Time will be entered by the support rep assigned with this task. If you are assigning the task to yourself then enter the actual time when you commenced and finished the task.

    5. Select the support rep assigned to this task from Owner drop down. You can also assign the task to yourself.

    6. By default, the Status of the task is Open. On completion of the task, the support rep can close the task.

    7. If you wish to add any comments on the task, you can add the same in the Comments field.

    8. You can be reminded of the task by selecting the number of days/hours from Remind me before drop down. You will be reminded of the task based on the schedule start time.

    9. Click Save. A Task tab is created beside Time Entry tab in request details page. All the tasks created for the request is listed under this task tab in descending order.

      The tasks is also displayed under My Tasks block in the home page if the owner of the task logs into the application.


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