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Certain scenarios may require the support rep to access machines in remote locations say, a customer from New York requires immediate assistance and the Support Team is located in San Francisco. Similarly, when a request is raised via phone call, it would be great if the support rep could send an invite for remote assistance and access the customers machine from his desk, thus increasing productively and saving time to resolve the issue.


That is where SupportCenter Plus Remote Assistance comes into play ! Instead of launching a whole bunch of softwares to access remote machines, SupportCenter Plus helps your Support Team to remotely view, diagnose and resolve issues of your contacts from anywhere in the world.   


With Business Units, Computer Telephony Integration and Remote Assistance, SupportCenter Plus is emerging as a globally supported customer support and hepdesk software. Supports Reps no longer need to handle endless threads and reply to mails. With CTI and Remote Assistance, support reps can resolve requests instantly and with ease.





Browsers compatibility for Remote Assistance


Steps for Remote Assistance


Remote Assistance Setup


To configure the Remote Assistance Setup,

  1. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

  2. Select Global Settings tab.

  3. In Organization Settings, click Remote Assistance Setup icon .

  4. Specify the Zoho Account Username and Password in the fields provided. If you do not have a Zoho Account then you can sign up in the link provided.

  5. Click Save.

  6. You can test the remote assistance on selecting Test Remote Assistance and entering a valid mail address. You can enter only one mail address at a time.

  7. Click Send Invite.

  8. You need to run the Zoho meeting application to enable remote assistance. Click Run button.

Note: If auto installation fails, select run this exe link to start the meeting. For more information on joining the session refer

  1. You can also change your Zoho Username and Password on clicking Edit Info link.



Inviting Contacts from Request Details page


While viewing the request of a contact from the request details page, the support rep has an option to Send an Invite for Remote Assistance to the contact.



This link is available only if the contact email Id is specified either while adding a new contact or while creating a new request. Click Send Invite link. A dialog box appears confirming the operation. Click Ok to proceed.



Inviting Contacts from Contact Details page


You can also invite the contact from the Contact Details page upon entering the email Id. Click Send Invite link. A dialog box appears confirming the operation. Click Ok to proceed.


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