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    Submit For Approval

    If a request requires formal approval from the manager before you act upon it, you can submit the request for approval using this option. On submitting a request for approval, an Approval tab appears in the request details page. Your manager will receive a Request for Approval mail with a link to approve or reject the request.  


    To submit the request for approval,

    1. Click the Request tab in the header pane to open the request list view page.

    2. Click the Subject link of the request to send for approval.

    3. From the request details page, select More Actions drop down menu -> Submit for Approval option. The Submit For Approval page.

    4. Specify the To address. This field is mandatory.

    5. If required you can edit the Subject and specify relevant subject text in the given field. This field is also mandatory.   

    6. Specify the relevant Description in the given text field. The $ApprovalLink is a variable and should be available in the mail to replace the variable with the link where you have the request details.

    7. Send the mail for approval.



    On sending the mail, the manager receives a Request for approval mail with a link. Clicking on the link opens a form with Approve and Reject option along with the request details.


    The manager has to Approve or Reject the request based on the requirement. And save the details.




    An Approvals tab appears in the request details page beside the History tab. All the mails sent for approval is listed in descending order with details like Sent On, Sent To and Status of approval.


    Once the request is approved by the manager the status of the request changes to Approved. If rejected by the manager the status of the request changes to Denied as shown below,




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