SupportCenter Plus

    Editing Solutions

    ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus provides you with the option to modify the existing solution provided you have the corresponding access permission. The solutions once sent for approval cannot be edited or deleted by support reps without approval permissions.


    Edit Solution


    To edit solution from the list view,

    1. Click on the Solutions tab in the header pane to open the solutions list view page.

    2. Click the Subject link of the solution to edit.

    3. From the Solution details page, select the Edit button.

    4. The solution opens in an editable format with the values populated during creating the solution.

    5. Make the necessary changes by changing title, modifying the contents/keywords and so on.

    6. Click Save. To save the changes and approve the solution click Save and Approve.



    1. Solutions with the status as Approval Pending can only be edited by support reps with the permission to approve the solution.


    2. On editing an approved solution, the solution should be sent for approval to the concern support rep again.  


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