SupportCenter Plus

    Forwarding Solution

    Support reps can forward solutions for review to the concern support rep before it is submitting for approval.


    To forward a solution,

    1. Click on the Solutions tab in the header pane to open the solutions list view page.

    2. Click on the Subject link of the solution you wish to forward.

    3. From the Solutions details page, click the More Actions drop down and select Forward option. The Solution Forward form pops up.

    4. Specify the To mail address in the given text field. This field is mandatory.

    5. You can also send the same information to more than one person by specifying the mail address in CC field with comma as a separator.

    6. By default, the Subject and Description fields are pre filled with the existing data. If required, you can edit the Subject and description.

    7. You can also attach relevant files to the solution from Attach File link.

    8. Click Send. If you do not wish to forward the solution then click Cancel.





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