SupportCenter Plus

    Move Solution Topics across Business Units

    Solutions in SupportCenter Plus are grouped under different topics. You can select a topic to be moved to another Business Unit. When you move a topic which has the child topic, the solutions present under both parent and the child are moved along with the attachments. The Move Solutions feature will be available in the application only when business units are enabled and configured. For more information on configuring business units, see "Configuring Business Units".





    When solutions are moved, the entire solution topic is moved from the source business unit and added to the destination business unit.


    Moving Solutions


    To move a solution topic:

    1. Click Solutions tab in the header pane to open the solutions list view page.


    1. Click the Manage Topics link to view the Manage Topics page with all the available topics and sub-topics in the hierarchy.


    1. Select the topic to be moved by selecting the check box in the Manage Topics page. You can also select multiple topics by selecting more than one check box.

    2. Select the business unit from the Move to drop-down list. The solution topic is moved to the selected business unit.


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