SupportCenter Plus

    Solution Details Page

    The View Solution Details page organizes the details of the solution in a logical manner. From this page, you can perform operations on a solution such as edit, delete, rate, comment and approve/reject solutions. To view the details of a solution,

    1. Click on the Solution tab in the header pane to open the solution list view page.

    2. Click the Subject link of the solution to be viewed. The View Solution Details page opens with right and left pane.



    Solution Information


    Solution Information section displays the Solution ID, status of the solution, visibility of solution (private or public), solution expiry date, number of views for the solution, rating and comments on the solution. Clicking on the comment number link will take you to view the Comments section.




    The keywords help in improving the search capability by provide accurate search result. The keywords specified for searching solution can be viewed under this section.




    Solution Expiry notifications are sent to Support Reps based on the specified date. Notifications can be sent to the Support Reps to notify about the solution expiry. The number of days before which the user has to be notified and the users to be notified are displayed under this section.


    Solution Content


    Solution content block displays the subject, description, topic to which the solution belong, name of the Support Rep who added the solution, the created time and date, name of the Support Rep who last updated the solution and last updated time and date. In addition, you can Edit the Solution, Delete the Solution and Forward the Solution. You can also perform Approval Actions such as Submit the solution for approval to higher authorities and Approve or Reject the Solution from this block. From the Solution View page, you can navigate to the Solution List view page using the Back button back-button.




    Attachments section displays the any supporting documents attached while creating a solution. You can also attach any other additional files by clicking on the Attach file link under this section.




    Solution Rating option allows your customers to share their rating on the solution. This option will be available by default for the Support Reps. To make this option available for the Contacts, you need to enable it under Solution Settings in the Admin module.




    Any feedback or suggestions on the Solution can be added by both the Support Reps and Contacts under the Comments tab. The Contacts can comment on the solution based on the permission provided under Solution Settings in the Admin module.


    The comments displayed in the comments tab are in the descending order with the latest performed action shown at the top and the earliest action at the bottom of the page. The order of comment display can be set under Solution Settings in the Admin module. [Refer, "Rating and Comments" to know more.]




    Every action performed on a solution from the time of its creation can be viewed in the History tab. The details displayed in the history tab are in the descending order with the recently performed action shown at the top of the page and the earlier action at the bottom of the page.



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