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    Topics Template

    Using Topics Template, you can group specific topics under a template and assign this template to an account. The contacts associated to the account can view solutions pertaining to the topics grouped under this template.  


    For instance, you have grouped the topics - warranty queries and replacement queries, under the template "Warranty" and assigned this topics template to an account say, Acme. The contacts associated to Acme can view the solutions based on the topics warranty and replacement queries alone. Thus restricting the contact to view all the solutions in the application.   

    On adding a topics template, the template can be shared by other accounts in the application but a single account cannot have multiple templates. To assign topics template to an account refer Assign Templates under Accounts module.







    1. Topics Template can be shared by other accounts.


    2. A single account can be assigned to one topics template.


    3. For users without accounts, configure the options in Settings -> Solution View under Admin module.  



    To view the list of available topics templates,

    1. Click on the Solutions tab in the header pane to open the solutions list view page.

    2. Click on Topics Template option. The list of available topics template is displayed. From this page you can add, edit and delete a topics template.


    Adding Topics Template

    1. Click Add New Template button. The Add Topics Template page opens.

    2. Specify a unique name Template Name in the field provided. This field is mandatory.  

    3. Enter a brief Description about the template.    

    4. Tick the Topics to be grouped under the template. Say, Support Queries, General and so on. This field is also mandatory.

    5. Click Save. The newly added template is listed along with the available templates.


    Editing Topics Template

    1. From the available templates page, select the Edit icon editiconbeside the template you wish to edit.

    2. The Edit Topics Template page opens with the fields pre populated with the values configured during adding the template.

    3. Make the necessary changes and click Save.


    Deleting Topics Template

    1. From the available templates page, select the Delete icondeleteiconbeside the template you wish to delete. A pop-up window confirming the delete action appears.

    2. Click Ok to confirm the delete operation. The template gets deleted from the list of available templates.


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