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    Deleting Timesheets

    The administrator can delete the time entries from the Timesheets page. If the time entry details associated to the contract is deleted, the specified hours or incidents gets added back to the contract.



    While deleting an incident based contract time entry, the incident gets added back to the contract only when all the time entries added under that particular incident are deleted.


    To delete a time entry:

    1. Click Timesheets tab in the header pane to open the timesheets list view page.

    2. Select the time entries to be deleted from the list by enabling the check box.

    3. Click the Delete button. A dialog box pops up asking your confirmation on the delete process.

    4. Click Ok to proceed. The time entries are deleted from the list and from the Time Entry tab of Request Details page.

    5. Click Cancel to abort deletion.


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