Hosting SupportCenter Plus


SupportCenter Plus can be accessed within your network by typing the url, provided the IP address of the installed software server is registered. This url can be made available to users over the internet on exposing the url to the public. On hosting the product over the internet, SupportCenter Plus can be accessed directly by typing the url.


Requirements for hosting SupportCenter Plus  


Hosting Procedure


a) Intranet:

  1. Install Supportcenter Plus on a box. Configure the hostname and IP address for this box, so that it can be accessed across the LAN. This hostname needs to be configured in your DNS against the IP address of the box.

  2. The SupportCenter Plus application can be accessed through


where, <servername-or-ipaddress> is the name of the server where SupportCenter Plus is installed and <portnumber> is the port where the application is running. The default port on which Supportcenter Plus installs is 8080.

  1. In case you do not wish to change the port but still access Supportcenter Plus on port 80 then, you should follow the port forwarding rule as given below,

    Request on 80 be forwarded to 8080 on the host "servername-or-ipaddress"  

Port forwarding can be achieved through,


b) Internet:


On the DMZ:

On the WAN:

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