Version 7.0 Release - New Features


Major features

Accounts & Subaccounts

To provide greater flexibility for account management, Account information can now be organized hierarchially. Accounts & Subaccounts. For example, Accounts can contain Head office information while sub-accounts can contain branch offices information. Contacts can be associated to Accounts or Subaccounts and the request view permissions can be provided accordingly.

Contract Management

Contracts with customers can be defined for resolution of specific number of issues or for supporting specific number of hours. As issues are resolved or supporting hours are used and reaches certain recharge level defined by Account Managers, notifications are sent about it so that they can start the process for renewing the contracts.

Time Entry

Time entry has been enchanced and it works in tandem with the Contracts.

CSV Based integration to external databases

External databases having customer information can be made to synchronize with SupportCenter Plus with this csv integrations. Organization's external customer database when updated creates a csv of the updates in a specified format and pushes it to a specific directory of SupportCenter Plus. SupportCenter Plus periodically looks for a CSV file in the specified location & updates it's database when it finds one.

Reply option for customers

The reply option is now available for the customers as well. Customers can login to the customer portal & reply to Support representatives clarifications based on his issue. This reply will be automatically made as a conversation to the originally submitted support request.

Forward option for Support Representatives Replies

Support Representatives will have the option to forward their own replies. This is particularly useful when he feels he need to quote his earlier reply to give more clarification to his resolution. He can forward the earlier reply and also add some more information to it.

Enhanced Quick Create Options

Now Customer Support Representatives can add & update account information and contact information while creating the requests itself through the quick create form. Quick create form has also the option to view the previous support requests raised by that particular contact.

Minor Features

  • Customer Self Service Portal can be disabled when the customers have not logged in for a long duration of time.
  • All types of request creations will have option to add & update account & contact information
  • In the request list view, customer support representatives can also choose Subcategory field.
  • Request View will have the creation date indicated at the top.
  • Customer Support Managers will have the option to set the Support representatives' login status as IN or OUT.
  • History information is disabled for customer login.
  • Announcements contain the drop down list to select users.
  • Default sorting is set, based on the Last Updated Field
  • Admin page icons are logically rearranged.
  • When no criteria is defined in the Business Rules/SLAs, all requests passing through it, matched that Business rule/SLA.

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