Request Life Cycle

Design a request resolution process, and guide your support reps through every step.
SupportCenter Plus Features Request Life Cycle

Create custom life cycles for support tickets. Streamline request management.

  • Pass support tickets through a determined sequence with predefined request life cycles.
  • Create request life cycles on a drag-and-drop canvas.
  • Define conditions and actions for tickets to move between statuses.
  • Create custom actions to be executed before, during, and after transitions between statuses.
Request life cycle
Customer support ticketing lifecycle

Enhance the ticket management process. Boost support representatives' productivity.

  • Define conditional rules to restrict support reps from manually moving tickets between statuses and minimize human error.
  • Mark fields as mandatory during transitions in order to collect contextual information at different stages of the request life cycle.
  • Define access controls on ticket information at different stages of the ticket life cycle.

Take control of the ticket life cycle. Provide a seamless support experience.

  • Trigger automated notifications when tickets transition between statuses.
  • Create custom templates and specify recipients for each notification.
  • Trigger custom scripts to execute fine-grained actions whenever required.
IT support ticket lifecyle workflow
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