Product Roadmap (Version 1.3)

Note: The implementation of feature(s) listed below
may vary based on internal priorities.
( Last Updated : 29 Nov 2010 )

Request View Page Enhancements

  • A new layout for the Request View Page (Re-scheduled)
  • Request Conversations & Notes arranged in chronolgical order in one list (Re-scheduled)
  • Only a single list of conversations (No separate sections for "Contact conversations" & "All Conversations") with an option to turn on auto-notifications, if necessary (Re-scheduled)
  • Layout changes to keep latest updates in the visible area of the screen to reduce scrolling. (Re-scheduled)
  • Moving Reply, Forward & Other Actions items on the top of the conversations (Re-scheduled)
  • Show/Hide Quoted text options (Re-scheduled)

Contract Enhancements

  • Option to mark a time entry as Billable, Non-billable (Completed)
  • A separate tab for managing all the time entries (Completed)
  • Option to approve these time entries (Completed)
  • Option to mark time entries as Billed (Completed)
  • Invoicing Options (Deferred)
  • Integration with Quick Books (Completed)
  • Option to choose multiple products in a contract. (Completed)
  • Ability to choose & provide different rates for different Engagement Types (Normal, After-Hours, Weekend, Holidays, Emergency etc) (Completed)
  • Auto-renewal of contracts (for eg. Create blocks of hours every month for an year) (Re-scheduled)

Business Rules Enhancements

  • Ability to select the trigger event (when a request is created, assigned, updated, replied, closed etc) (Re-scheduled)
  • Enhanced criteria module (Re-scheduled)
  • Ability to define actions including options to send e-mail or SMS notifications as part of action to the Business Rules (Re-scheduled)
  • Auto-assign tickets to technicians based on algorithms like the round-robin algorithm (Re-scheduled)
  • Enabling or disabling business rules (Re-scheduled)

Customer Portal Enhancements

  • Option to fully customize the customer portal color and layout (Completed)
  • Ability to customize the non-loggedin "Submit Request" form (Deferred)

Customized Request Print option

  • Option to design a layout for printing the request as a Job Sheet that can be used by the field technician. (Completed)

Calendar Operations

  • Calendar option in SupportCenter (Re-scheduled)
  • Integration with Outlook Calendar (Completed)

Business Units Enhancements

  • Moving requests, accounts & contacts across business units (Completed)
  • Customer Portal per business unit (Completed)

Performance Operations

  • Moving Request Conversations to a new table (Re-scheduled)

Account Enhancements

  • Option to mark accounts as "Inactive". (Completed)
  • The accounts thus marked as "Inactive" will not appear in the current request forms (Completed)


  • Option to archive old requests to improve performance (Re-scheduled)
  • Define criteria for requests that should be archived. (Re-scheduled)
  • Settings to automatically perform the archiving process at regular intervals (Deferred)
  • Ability to view & search archived requests (Re-scheduled)
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