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Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap

This roadmap provides an overview of future releases of SupportCenter Plus with tentative release schedule. If you would like to see new features, submit your feature requests here or Visit our forum to post your ideas or vote for features.

Note: This is only a tentative schedule. The implementation of the feature set may vary based on internal priorities and time.

Roadmap Workflow

SupportCenter Plus Roadmap

Work In Progress

In Testing

  • Advanced Roles - Roles for Activities (Tasks & Events), Roles for Products, Request Reply, Forward, Roles for Canned Responses, Role for Edit/Delete Reports created by others, etc.. [April 2015]
  • Activities (Tasks & Events) - Changes regarding syncing with Outlook [April 2015]
  • Exclude System Notifications configuration [April 2015]

In Implementation

  • HTML File Invocation from Request Custom Menu
  • Field and Form rules for Request Templates
  • Dependency Fields for Requests
  • Sales Force Integration
  • Zoho Reports Integration
  • APIs for Contact module
  • Import Contacts from Active Directory (AD) and Single Sign On (SSO) for Contact login
  • Labeling conversations
  • Splitting backup

In design

  • FLR - First Level Resolution: Identifying requests which are resolved or closed on the first level which was initially assigned
  • Document tool for API
  • Upgrading Tomcat
  • Real time notifications to notify Support Rep upon different actions on a request
  • Chat Module

Yet to start

  • Sending survey in different languages
  • Accounts and Contacts Module for Mobile client
  • Sub Account field in the Add New Request form
  • Configuration to schedule reopen requests from Onhold status
  • Ability to support different support plans like 24 X 7, 24 X 5,..