Product Roadmap


Product Roadmap

This roadmap provides an overview of future releases of SupportCenter Plus with tentative release schedule. If you would like to see new features, submit your feature requests here or Visit our forum to post your ideas or vote for features.

Note: This is only a tentative schedule. The implementation of the feature set may vary based on internal priorities and time.



Request Card layout

Resolution Templates --> Option to create and save resolution templates.

Task tab in requests to track tasks associated to requests.

To reply technicians through SMS.

Auto-start the timer and add time entries options added to worklog timer.

Add dependency to requests.

Option to share requests.

Assign read-only permission to technicians with whom requests are shared.    

Request custom filters -->Enhanced criteria section with $My_groups , $Today , $This_Week place holders. 

Add notes -->Ability to add notes while assigning a technician. 

Drag and drop images/attachments to requests.

Option to enable/disable request templates.

Organize requests as cards in a Kanban view to ensure efficient ticket closure.

Enable technicians to update the existing requests in bulk through XLS sheets.

Request Audit: Periodically assess the activities of your requests.

To add resolution to the linked requests.

To include the account name when a contact logs a new request.

To add attachments to the resolution.

Option to display Like button, so that requesters with the same issue can click on it.



To auto-assign technicians through Round Robin/Load Balancing method.

To auto-assign tickets to technicians based on their availability.

To exclude specific technician groups from the auto-assign pool.

Factor in the technician shift timings and assign requests based on their shifts

Contacts with high privilege to get more reports.

Notification rules enhancements

To archive data based on conditions.

To add a log entry for all Admin operations such as adding, editing, or deleting entries.

Configure different operational hours for each day in a week.

Guide for users, configured in request closing rules, to complete their tasks, fill out the worklog, add data to mandatory fields, add tasks, and fill worklog.

Option to assign technician in Roles.

Task templates --> Option to create and save task templates.

To include multi-select options in a additional field.

Option to invoke custom scripts in business rules



Broadcast Message

Broadcasting a message to all Technicians.

Technician Dispatch calendar


Scribble Pad

Make simple, hurried notes in a jiffy using the all-new inbuilt scribble pad. Find the feature at the top right corner of the header pane.


Health Meter

Assess your application's health metrics in just a glance from the community tab.

Find the feature under Community >> Health Meter.


Dashboard enhancements

Add widgets to the dashboard.



Break the monotony of every day and motivate technicians to enjoy their work.


Desktop notification feature  


HTML Editor Enhancements

  • Smiley support
  • Modify table properties
  • Edit HTML code
  • $ support


Survey Enhancements

  • Configure different survey templates for different type of requests.
  • Send ad hoc surveys; the survey need not be associated to a request.
  • Send surveys periodically; in predefined intervals, such as once after 2 weeks or 4 months.
  • Configure different answers for different questions.



Live Chat for Users: Allow requesters to have a quick chat with technicians easily.