Evaluation Guide

Compare Different Features of ManageEngine®SupportCenter Plus. Your Customer Support Software evaluation is not complete until you check out the comparison between different features of SupportCenter Plus. Here is a list prepared based on customer queries.


SupportCenter Plus

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SupportCenter Plus @ a glance
A complete and comprehensive customer support software With difference in edition features  
Easy web-based access Yes  
Easy to install and configure Yes  
Clear separation of Users (Administrators, Support Reps, Contacts, Account Managers) Yes  
Fine grained access roles Yes  
Comprehensive request/ticket tracking module Yes  
Account & Contact Management module for tracking customer information Yes  
Multitenancy through Business Units - Ability for multiple departments of an organization to track & manage their support process within a single installation of SupportCenter Plus. Yes  
A tightly integrated Contracts module that manages the contracts, SLAs & the billing options Yes  
Reporting options to slice & dice data with options to create custom reports, schedule & email them. Yes  
Options to enable server to be running in the secure mode Yes  
Options to completely backup application configuration & data and ability to reconstruct the server from the backup. Yes  
User and Configuration Management
Ability to define roles for technicians to provide fine grained access to the application Yes  
Decide Customer HelpDesk settings like: Mail server settings, Business rules, Notification rules, Work Groups, Time, Requests templates etc Yes  
Design Accounts and Contact settings such as: Industry, product type, web-portal configurations etc Yes  
Define contract settings: Support plans, Support Services, Service Level Agreements, Operation hours, holidays Yes  
User and Related Settings: Define roles, Add Support rep details, Account managers information, Active Directory and Operating System settings, User Survey settings Yes  
Business Units - This feature allows each Business Unit to create their custom configuration to suit their workflow for eg. different business rules, SLAs, contracts etc. Yes  
Ability for user to set timezone & datetime format preferences Yes  
Other Organizational details related settings Yes  
Application WorkFlow - Customer SupportDesk - Request and Call Tracking
Customer Interaction Management Yes  
Case Modes
* Email to ticket conversion (Create tickets from incoming e-mail) Yes  
* Phone Yes  
* Customer Portal Yes  
Ability to provide support to contacts using Remote Assistance tools Yes  
Central repository to log and track issues Yes  
Auto-generation of tickets Yes  
Ability to notify support rep, contacts, primary contacts or account manager at different stages of the life cycle of the case. Yes  
Receive SMS (short message services) from the application on assigning a trouble ticket Yes  
Support for POP and IMAP Protocol Yes  
Automatic classification and routing of messages based on workflow rules or business rules Yes  
Automatically assigns a due-by time based on customer & the related contract (if available) Yes  
Ability to assign a priority, level, category to a case. Yes  
Ability to assign a Group & a Support Rep to the case Yes  
Ability to add notes to a request and mark it as public or private Yes  
Ability to add additional request fields (text, numeric, date) to suit the business needs. Yes  
Automatic grouping all conversations of a Cases/Tickets that helps easy management of case Yes  
Reply & Forward option in Cases/Tickets Yes  
Ability to add attachments to case replies Yes  
Ability to CC & BCC members who would be interested in the case Yes  
Ability to define and use canned replies to requests that would immensely reduce the time consumed for routine replies Yes  
Ability to add time entry for the Cases/Tickets Yes  
Time entry addition works in synch with the contracts module Yes  
Ability to put a timer on hold when waiting for customer response. Yes  
Forward requests manually and automatically Yes  
Ability to split a request into multiple tasks that can be assigned & handled by different Support Reps Yes  
Case form Customization Yes  
Case Templates to define different case forms or templates for different business scenarios. Yes  
Rich text editor and ability to add attachments Yes  
Cases/Tickets Scheduling Yes  
Email spam Filter Yes  
Email Notification Filter Yes  
Support Reps can add notes to the request to add related information like action taken. Yes  
Instant case history Yes  
Communicate priorities and levels along with the case Yes  
Automatic escalation of requests based on Business Rules Yes  
Escalate requests to different support reps within your staff and notify managers when cases are not resolved within specific time limits. Yes  
Queue support to efficiently manage support reps Yes  
Provision to attach documents to a case Yes  
Manage, edit, assign and close tickets as a group Yes  
Case closing rules: Ability to define fields that are mandatory prior to closing the case Yes  
Ability to enter a resolution to a case Yes  
Ability to close a case Yes  
Chat based support No  
Canned Responses
Create Predefined Canned Responses for support queries and reduce the response time for FAQs Yes  
Manage Canned Responses and share it with other Support Staff. Yes  
Personalize canned responses with different fields and variables Yes  
Customer Self-Service Portal
Customer portal included with the SupportDesk Yes  
Administrator can configure & customize information that has to be presented on the portal Yes  
Is it web-based? Yes  
Contacts can self-register in this web-portal with (or) without the help of Administrator approval Yes  
Contacts can search solutions & create new Cases/Tickets Yes  
Ability to define different levels of permission for the contact login on the self-service portal Yes  
Contacts can check status of their Cases/Tickets and update existing Cases/Tickets Yes  
Get to know the announcements/whats the news of the company Yes  
Update contact details Yes  
Search knowledge base for users Yes  
Ability to define permissions for articles to be published on the portal Yes  
Access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Yes  
Account & Contact Management
Manage all your customer accounts/sub accounts from one central location Yes  
Manage all your business customers of different domains/departments and their support tickets individually using Business Units - a Multi-tenancy functionality Yes  
Integration with Outlook Yes  
Import customer Account, Contact and Sales details from .csv files. Yes  
Store account details such as user name, company, phone numbers, addresses, web sites, email addresses, Service Level Agreements and much more Yes  
Define Accounts & their Branches in a hierarchical format Yes  
Associate products with each account Yes  
Easily group related contacts together in a single account Yes  
Use pre-defined database fields to easily record contact information or add custom fields to meet your specific needs Yes  
Capture, view and edit all user transactions, including email, tickets, chats, and service calls in a single system Yes  
Automatic CSV based synchronization of customer information from other databases Yes  
Reports generated can be run by the contacts Yes  
Choose the language of the system to be of your choice Yes  
Customer Experience Management
Simple and clear dashboards Yes  
Get a view of all the support staff details in the same screen Yes  
Their email to ticket conversion recduces their issue reporting time Yes  
Report issues easily with the help of templates Yes  
Send immediate response to customers with planned and defined automatic e-mail response on every request creation and closure Yes  
Get access to solutions - a knowledgebase of all popular and recent occuring trouble issues Yes  
Don't wait for the administrator to have a login for yourself in the supportdesk. Self-register yourself Yes  
Offer immediate online live trouble shooting support to your customers with Remote Assistance Yes  
Provide world class customer experience by integrating our computer telephony with Asterisk. Yes  
Contacts/clients can run reports created by the support reps Yes  
Contract Management
Create, manage and store service contracts with your Accounts Yes  
Define your support plans and SLAs based on the service contracts Yes  
Configure support plans based on Yes  
1. Hour Yes  
2. Incident Yes  
3. Fixed Plan Yes  
Time entry/billing is tightly coupled with the Contracts Management Yes  
Identify total hours spent on each customer based on request resolution time Yes  
Bill your customer based on cost/hour Yes  
Calculate time entry either based on hours or no of incidents with hours spent on each incident and generate reports for customer billing. Yes  
Notification on contract expiry, services associated to a particular contract Yes  
Knowledge Management
Using the Searchable Knowledge base, both the Support Reps and the end users can search for solutions to common problems Yes  
Keyword search to find solutions based on request description Yes  
Indexed document search for faster results Yes  
Ability to create Solutions topic template - one template for group of solutions that can be applied to more than one account Yes  
Search history with previously resolved Cases/Tickets Yes  
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Yes  
Account based solutions & Topic templates Yes  
Approval options to have a solution part of the KnowledgeBase Yes  
Rich text editor Yes  
Pre-built standard reports Yes  
Custom reports in tabular format Yes  
Query Builder for Reports Yes  
Integration with third party reporting software like Crystal Reports Yes  
Reports to be exported as .csv,.xls and Pdf format Yes  
Reports Scheduler (Auto generation & distribution) Yes  
Analyze trends and performance levels Yes  
Real-time update on reports Yes  
Save and schedule customized reports Yes  
Customer Service Reports Yes  
Matrix Reports Yes  
Tabular Reports Yes  
Ability to show selective reports to individual accounts and contacts Yes  
Generate surveys Yes  
Customize questions for surveys Yes  
Schedule surveys Yes  
Set rules on when to send surveys (e.g. after so many Cases/Tickets from an user is closed) Yes  
General Features
Provision to create custom tracking fields Yes  
Ability to customize the fields displayed Yes  
Ability to create custom views Yes  
Support for secured email fetching (POPS, IMAPS, SMPTS with TLS enabled) Yes  
Contacts are allowed to self-register to the Self-service web portal that reduces the burden on the administrator Yes  
Custom views, search option in the product Yes  
CTI Integration Yes  
Configuration wizard to set up the software Yes  
Announcements to display important informtation to the users Yes  
Backup - Scripts to backup the data & configuration of the application Yes  
Recreate the application - Scripts to reconstruct the application on a different machine Yes  
Ability for the application to automatically handle unusual situations such as Mail storms & Mail loops Yes  
Ability to customize the logo and browser title at no extra cost Yes  
Ability to enable the server to run in the secure mode (HTTPS - SSL enabling) Yes  
Import & Synchronize Accounts & Contacts from Outlook Yes  
Integration with SMS (Short messaging service) to send notifications Yes  
Integration with Crystal Reporting System Yes  
Active Directory Integration Yes  
Integration with e-mail Yes  
Computer Telephony Integration (Asterisk) Yes  
Forum integration in converting a forum post into a ticket Yes  
Zoho Reports Integration Yes  
Zoho CRM Settings Yes  
Salesforce CRM Settings Yes  
Active Directory
Scheduled user details import from Active Directory Yes  
Authentication through Active Directory for support staff Yes  
Active Directory synchronization Yes  
Quick and easy implementation Yes  
No additional programming for client or database customization Yes  
Support for open standards Yes  
Documented database Yes  
No required client software Yes  
Backup - Scripts to backup the data & configuration of the application Yes  
Data Migration from other Help Desks
Huge data migration dealt with care Yes  
Process consuming longer person-hours is taken care of Yes  
Check on Security of the data and its backup Yes  
Most of the helpdesk's data can be migrated Yes  
System Requirements
Operating Systems supported:
Linux RedHat 7.x and above
Debian 3.0
32-Bit x86 Compatible
Windows 2000 Professional + SP4
2000/2003 Server
XP Professional
32-Bit x86 Compatible
Databases supported
SupportCenter Plus comes bundled with My SQL and it supports MS SQL 2000, MS SQL 2005 and all flavours of SQL. Yes  
Browsers supported
Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 Yes  
Pricing & Editions
SupportCenter Plus Standard Edition (10 Support Representatives) Starts @ $2295  
SupportCenter Plus Professional Edition (2 Support Representatives and 3 Business Units) Starts @ $945  
SupportCenter Plus Enterprise Edition (2 Support Representatives and 3 Business Units) Starts @ $1195  
Training available Yes  
Large scale consulting and implementation Yes  
Trial Software Version
Is a trial version available? Yes  
No of days for trial version? 30  
Are there any feature limits in the trial version? No  
No of support reps allowed in trial version 2  
Technical support available during evaluation Yes  
Multi Language support
Ability to contacts to choose the language of his choice. Yes  
Chinese Yes  
Japanese Yes  
Dutch Yes  
Portuguese Yes  
Brazilian Portuguese Yes  
German Yes  
Spanish Yes  
Italian Yes  
Swedish Yes  
Polish Yes  
Pricing different from default (English) for other language license Yes