Evaluation Guide

Compare different features of ManageEngine® SupportCenter Plus

Customer support is an important part of most businesses these days. In order to provide exceptional support, you need software that supports your support team in the best possible ways. Before selecting software, you must compare it with other options to ensure that you get the best possible deal.

Here is a quick evaluation checklist that will help you compare ManageEngine® SupportCenter Plus with other customer support tools in the market.


SupportCenter Plus

Compare With


Set up unique portals for each customer support division/vertical    
Configure automatic workflows, SLAs, and custom surveys to suit the needs of each portal    
Provide a central request portal    

Product management

Build and manage a catalog of products to help your support reps find relevant product information to provide pre-sales or post-sales support    
Manage product information such as product type, unit price, warranty period, part number, etc.    
Activate/deactivate products based on availability and maintain a record of legacy products    
Create and manage sales by associating products with accounts    

Account management

Filter tickets based on accounts    
Charge customers based on requests/hours worked by support reps    
Associate products to accounts    
Associate support plans to accounts    
View accounts hierarchically and streamline workflow management by creating sub-accounts    
Create SLAs based on support plans    
Generate account-specific reports    


Create and manage contracts, and associate them to your accounts    
Automatically decide the cost to be charged for requests with condition-based billing rules    
Set up predefined support plans (contract billing) based on hours or fixed plans    
Create time entries, and keep track of support reps' efforts    
Calculate time entries either based on hours spent on each request or total hours worked    
Generate reports for customer billing    


Customize the self-service portal for support reps and contacts separately    
Add, delete, rearrange, and resize custom widgets    
Publish a request catalog to create requests    
View announcements and browse the knowledge base    
Automatically suggest related solutions based on the subject of the request during request creation itself    
Automatically mention related announcements based on the subject of the request during ticket creation itself    

Request management

Request identification

Create tickets from emails, web forms, chat messages, or phone calls    

Request logging

Collect relevant information from contacts using custom request templates    
Automate templates with field and form rules that perform condition-based activities like mandating fields, populating fields, and enabling and disabling fields based on ticket criteria during creation or after editing the request    
Provide role-based access to support reps through support groups    
Link, merge, or clone requests to manage multiple tickets    

Request categorization

Create custom categories, sub categories, and items    
Assign categories to tickets based on the ticket parameters    

Request assignment

Assign tickets to support reps automatically with the support rep auto-assign feature based on round-robin or load balancing algorithms    
Assign tickets to specific support rep groups based on ticket parameters like category, priority, and more (using business rules)    
View the available support reps with the support rep availability chart    
Mark support rep unavailability, and set up backup support reps    
Send a broadcast message to all the logged-in support reps to make announcements or notify them of issues    

Request prioritization

Create custom request life cycles on a drag-and-drop canvas with contextual notifications    
Assign service-level agreements (SLAs) automatically based on ticket parameters    

Request resolution

Search the knowledge base for a solution from within a request, and copy the resolution into it    
Separate ticket views and task views    
Create custom filters and list views to find tickets easily    
Collaborate with other support reps and groups by sharing the request    
Gain real-time updates from other support reps working on the same ticket with request collaboration    

Request closure

Mandate fields and mark tasks that need to be completed for request closure    
Create work logs to record the cost, effort, and time taken to resolve the request    
Send user-ticket-specific surveys when the request is closed    
Analyze the time taken for completion, time on hold, time the ticket has been unassigned, and more with time analysis    

Request Catalog

Request fulfillment data

Make the template dynamic with condition-based actions like hiding or showing sections, populating fields, and making fields mandatory in real time based on information given by the contact    
Create and associate tasks to the request template, and create task dependencies to ensure tasks are performed in sequential order    

Request Life Cycle

Define the status flow of your requests, and help guide your support reps    
Ensure all requests go through a predefined status flow with various condition-based actions before, during, and after each transition between request statuses    
Build request life cycles on a graphical drag-and-drop canvas    
Restrict the ability of a support rep to move the request to the next status with roles    
Collect relevant information only if and when required    
Create distinct request life cycles, and associate them to request templates    
Trigger contextual notifications at various points in the requests' life cycles    

Knowledge management

Publish solutions to the knowledge base with an approval process    
Organize solutions under relevant topics    
Restrict the access of solutions based on site and user groups    
Ability to resolve the requests using a particular solution    
Create resolution templates for repeat requests with the same solution    
Set expiration dates for solutions    

User surveys

Create surveys with multiple question types like rating, opinion scale, binary, and radio    
Create general surveys    
Configure when and under what conditions a user survey will be triggered    
Collate data from survey reports for analysis    


Pre-built standard reports    
Create custom reports with configurable parameters    
Create query reports    
Create KPI reports    
Customize report dashboards with role-based access permissions    
Create report folders, and organize reports under relevant folders    
Depict reports visually as pie charts, bar charts, line charts, time series charts, area charts, or ring charts    
Export reports into CSV, XLS, HTML, and PDF formats    
Schedule reports, and specify the frequency and the recipient of the report    


ManageEngine products/similar products

Integrate with Analytics Plus and Zoho Analytics to gain better insights into your customer support interactions    
Integrate with Zoho and Salesforce CRM for automated account and contacts import to SupportCenter Plus    
Integrate with Zoho Assist and Zoom to provide remote assistance    
Computer telephony integration (CTI)    
Track your field staff with the help of Google/Zoho Maps right from the console, and manage your field services effectively    
Integrate with popular products like JIRA    


Standard Edition

FREE for up to 5 support reps.

Starts at $995 for 10 support reps, annually.

Professional edition

Starts at $275 For 2 support reps, annually.

Enterprise edition

Starts at $355 For 2 support reps, annually.

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