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Welcome to ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 ReadMe document. SupportCenter Plus is an easy-to-use, web-based customer support software that improves productivity and efficiency of your Support Team, thus lowering IT costs and administrative expenses.

This ReadMe is divided into the following sections:

1. Release Notes (Build No. 7503)

2. Contact Information

1.0 Release Notes (Build No. 7503 )

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 (Build No. 7503 ) release includes the following :


Business Units

  • Ability to manage the customer support queries of multiple Business Units of an organization using the same installation of SupportCenter
  • Ability to define different configuration like Category, Priority, Level, Custom Fields, Operational Hours, Holidays etc for each Business Unit

Customer Portal Enhancements

  • A completely configurable web portal
  • A fully redesigned admin configuration for better usability

Customer Reports

  • Ability to Support Reps to create reports for contacts
  • Ability for Support Reps to share a single report to multiple accounts. When contact runs the report, the data that is returned is based on the account and also his own role (ordinary contact, primary contact etc)

User Registration

  • Users to register themselves from the customer portal
  • Automatic validation to check the user email
  • Option to enable Administrator approval in the process

Computer Telephony Integration

  • Asterisk Integration
  • Ability to display the caller history & his requests to the Support Reps when a call lands on the line for Asterisk PBX

Request Module Enhancements

  • Support for secured email fetching (POPS, IMAPS protocols with TLS enabled)
  • Support for secured email sending (SMTPS with TLS enabled)
  • Ability to configure multiple incoming email ids
  • Enhanced option to search contact, account or contract information to create a request

Custom Views

  • Custom views for all modules

Remote Assistance

  • Ability to troubleshoot remote clients
  • Share the desktop
  • View remote desktop

New UI & usability enhancements

User Management

  • A user will be uniquely identified by his email address in all parts of the application.


  • Option to automatically detect mail loops & mail storms and proactively prevent them.
  • Ability to auto-cc own support team when a reply is sent.
  • Account Manager field added to Time Entry Reports
  • Ability to create reports based on Solutions
  • Ability to show/hide the "Solutions" tab for the contacts.
  • Ability for user to set timezone & datetime format preferences
  • Option to search Request IDs directly and go to the Request directly
  • Contract expiry related summary information in the Home page.
  • Ability to import Account Manager using the Account/Contact Import CSV option.
  • Option to view the number of mails to be fetched in the Mail server settings.

Issues fixed

  • Extra spacing in the editors fixed
  • OutOfMemory when contact uses the reply option from the web portal
  • Custom Views not working in the Russian version
  • Option to delete CSV schedule.
  • Email Fetching Issues
  • Issue when editing the date in reports
  • Email fetching thread stops after certain amount of time.
  • To/Cc not displayed in the Request View Page when the contact
  • Request Title was termed uniformly as "Subject" in all places
  • Formatting Issue in displaying the contract services list in contracts
  • Attachment icon in conversations missing.
  • Custom Views filters based on text fields were case sensitive.
  • Unwanted Javascripts that were loading is cleaned up.
  • Formatting issue in Admin - Industry icon
  • New custom filter screen loads the previous filter criteria
  • Notifications, Business Rules & SLAs do not work when the contact logs a request without logging in (but provides his email)
  • Formatting issues in displaying announcements fixed.
  • In the Italian version, the issue wit the condition section of Business Rules.
  • Issue of displaying the author of a solution to the contacts when viewing the solutions.
  • Announcement set for a future date was being displayed to the contact.
  • Wrong solution opened when clicking on the solution link.
  • In Solutions, when two or more solutions have the inline images with the same name, the latest images overrides the others.


  • In all list views, the maximum number of rows per page set to 100
  • Custom Views are moved to the left of the page.
  • The column list in the list views that are configured previously will not be retained & needs to be reconfigured.

2.0 Contact Information

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