Version 6.0 Features

SupportCenter Plus, the complete web based Customer Support Software now has become more usable through its latest version 6.0. New features like integration with MS-Outlook, creating your own custom views, having forums posts as tickets will really help the Customer support technicians to work easily on SupportCenter Plus. This inturn will improve the productivity of the Customer Support Desk and help solve customer issues faster.

MS-SQL backend support means you can use your existing database and use SQL queries to generate reports according to your requirements. This massively increases the report generation capabilities and data display capabilities helping you as administrators to look at inner details of your Support Desk process.

The complete set of feature enhancements made available in ver6.0 is listed below for your reference.

Feature Enhancements

  • MS-SQL Support
  • Account & Contacts Module
    • Outlook Integration
    • Ability to configure the customer portal
    • Ability to import product list information and product sale information from CSV
    • Additional fields for Product and Product Sales
    • Ability to reconcile multiple contacts as one contact
    • Ability to create Custom Views/Filters
    • Ability to add Advisory
  • Requests Module

    • Usability
      • Editing requests made simpler
      • Bulk edit of multiple requests
      • Merge option simplified
      • Ability to add notes from the list view page
    • Custom View/Filters
    • Predefined request templates
    • Drafts for requests
    • Request approval option
    • Support to specify mandatory columns when closing a request
    • Scheduled requests
    • Ability to split a request into multiple tasks
    • Category remodelled as Category - Subcategory - Item
    • Spell check
    • Ability to log the actual time of the time entry
    • SLA notification generated at a configured time period prior to the request becoming overdue
  • General
    • Keep me signed in feature
  • Reports Module
    • Query reports
    • Ability to mail reports in any format
    • Links from reports to original requests
    • Contact based reports
    • Ability to provide access to reports to SupportReps without providing administrator privileges.
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