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SupportCenter Plus 11.0 has gone through a major overhaul at a technology-framework level and is now bringing you exciting new features and enhancements. Give your customers top-notch support by leveraging billing contracts, account management, field service management, live chat, and more!

General Feature/enhancement What it's about Where to find it


  • JBoss dependency completely removed and upgraded to PostgreSQL 10.5
  • SupportCenter Plus will be connected to PostgreSQL with a specific database user credential instead of a superuser credential for better security
  • Tomcat upgraded to version 8.5.32
  • Security framework upgraded

Live chat

Chat with contacts and support reps instantly

Bottom right corner



  • Customize tabs present in the application
  • Customize the background color of tabs

Home > Admin > General > Theme


Scribble pad

Take emergency notes easily while working on tickets

Yellow icon (below "Accounts" tab)



  • Easily import SSL certificates from the user interface itself
  • Translations can now be made from user interface

Mail server settings

  • Support for Exchange Web Services (EWS) is now available (basic authentication model)
  • Create and configure a dedicated mail box for every portal (previously termed business unit or BU). Email aliases won't work from here on out

Home > Admin > Mail Server Settings



  • Enhancement in custom triggers and custom schedules
  • Use the Tech Auto Assign feature to assign support reps to tickets based on the online status of support reps or use load balancing or round robin assigning

Home > Admin > Helpdesk Customizer

Dashboard Feature/enhancement What it's about Where to find it
1. Dashboard enhancements
  • New look and feel
  • New layout styles
  • Configure background colors
  • Filter reports based on support groups
  • Create widgets from external pages or from internal custom reports
  • Reorder or hide dashboards easily
  • Change dashboard visibility to public or private, or choose to give visibility to certain support reps or specific organization roles

Home > Dashboard

Home Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. My View
  • Enhanced look and feel
  • Rearrange widgets for better visibility using the customize button on the right
  • My Reminders and My Approvals widgets are added
  • Check approval requests and reminders on newly added My Approvals and My Reminders
  • Enhancements in adding tasks
  • Ability to customize support reps' and contacts' home pages

Home > My View

2. Scheduler
  • See the support reps on leave and their backups using the Backup Support Rep Chart
  • Calendar gets a new look and feel
  • Filter calendar details based on support groups

Home > Scheduler

4. Broadcast messages
  • Send messages to all support reps, support groups, and logged-in reps regarding emergency updates

Home > Actions > Communication > Broadcast message

5. Actions
  • Redesigned quick actions with new capabilities

Home > Actions button

Requests Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Request list view
  • Differentiate requests by looking at the colors of requests, which are based on status
  • Manage requests better with enhanced filters and Custom View creation
  • View tasks from the left pane
  • Assign tickets to support reps and support groups from the request list view page
  • Print job sheets for closed requests right from the request list view
  • Mark filters as favorites and drag-and-drop to rearrange them as needed
  • Filter requests from unregistered users with the Unknown Requests filter
  • View up to 250 requests at a go from the request list page

Home > Requests

2. Request details
  • Revamped look and feel
  • Move requests between portals from the Actions menu
  • Three-card layout for better visibility
  • Reorder the tabs present in the details page for better visibility using Request Layout Customization
  • Share requests
  • Sort conversations
  • Click Timer to track the time spent on a request
  • Add tasks from templates, and associate them with the requests
  • Add dependency tickets for tracking and responding
  • Change the account of wrongly associated requests
  • Enhanced ability to close the requests, Resolution tab, and Time Entries tab
  • Field and form rules get more operational abilities
  • Enhanced request closure rules
  • Editor placeholder is upgraded with more options
  • Solution suggestions are automatically available for easier reference
  • Ability to mandate status change comments for requests
  • Automatically move requests from on-hold when a customer responds
  • Time entries get a new look and feel

Home > Requests > [request] > Request details

3. Tasks
  • Tasks get a new look and feel
  • Task closing rules have been introduced
  • Along with individual reps, Support Groups can now be assigned tasks

Home > My Tasks > +New

4. HTML editor enhancements (across the product)
  • Smiley support
  • Modify table properties
  • Edit HTML code
  • Ability to tag a ticket with keywords for easier search
5. Request Life Cycle

Configure clear sequences of statuses for incoming requests to guide support reps through the request resolution process

Home > Admin > System Customizer > Request Life Cycle

Admin Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Notification rules enhancements
  • New notification rules introduced
  • Sending self-service login details is part of the Global settings now

Home > Admin > Main Settings > Notification Rules


Survey enhancements

  • Configure different survey templates for different types of requests
  • Send ad hoc surveys
  • Send periodic surveys at predefined intervals
  • Configure different answers for different questions

Home > Admin > User Survey



New roles introduced

Home > Admin > Users > Roles

4. Request template


Home > Admin > Helpdesk Customizer

5. Service categories

Group and organize service templates

Home > Admin > Helpdesk Customizer

6. Backup scheduling
  • Backups are password protected. You need a password to access backup files
  • Delete old backup files automatically
6. Behavior changes
  • Contact-level permission is removed from incident templates
  • Contact-level permissions can be configured in every template
  • The Menu Invocation has been renamed to the Request Custom Menu now
Integrations Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Field service management (Zoho Maps and Google Maps integration)

Pin the geographical location of the on-field support staff in the map view

Maps tab (go to the Global Settings to enable it)

  • API
  • Zoho Assist
  • Zoho CRM
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Advance analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Jira integration
  • Zoho Creator
  • Zoom integration

Integration enhancements

Home > Admin > Integrations

Solutions Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Solution Expiry and Periodic Review

Set the solution expiration and periodic review date based on their nature and relevance

Home > Solutions > +New

2. Feature enhancements
  • Solution list view gets new look and feel
  • New default filters to view solutions
  • New solution notification rules are introduced under notification rules
  • New solution-related roles are introduced
  • Improved solution suggestions
  • Track the requests that are resolved using the relevant solutions
  • Show only approved solutions to technicians.
  • Unapproved solutions will be hidden from technicians who do not have solution approval privilege

Home > Solutions

Account and contact management Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Feature enhancements
  • Accounts creation and list view get a new look and feel
  • Older options are moved under relevant sections for better visibility
  • Add portal-based attachments to an account, and make them visible for relevant portal support reps only
  • Provide advisory notes via Account Advisory to notify support reps of pertinent account information while handling tickets
  • Mark an account as inactive from the account list view
  • Contacts creation and list view get a new look and feel
  • New views are introduced for better admin operations in the Contacts module
  • Ability to log in via OTP (requires purchased credits from Site 24/7, Clickatell, etc.)

Home > Accounts

Billing Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Contracts


Home > Contracts

2. Bill Rule

With this rule, match the incident or service request parameters based on which the incident or service request is charged

Home > Admin > Billing > Bill Rule

3. Top-up Plan

Add an allowance to existing bill cycle of contracts

Home > Admin > Billing > Top-up Plan

4. Support Plan

Function enhancements

Home > Admin > Billing > Support Plan

5. Job Sheet Customizer

Function enhancements

Home > Admin > Billing > Job Sheet Customizer

Products Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Product enhancements
  • Products creation and list view have been revamped
  • You can now add attachments while adding products

Home > Products

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