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Pursuit of the right intelligence is always a top priority for customer support managers. In order to make correct decisions, they require easy access to operational data. Metrics such as response and resolution turnaround times for key accounts, agent worklog time, first call resolution for level one queries, and customer satisfaction level can offer key insights on operations. More often that not, this data is available only with complex database queries. As a result, support managers often miss out on the insights and analytics they need to make effective decisions.

SupportCenter Plus now integrates with Zoho Reports, a cloud-based, highly secure business intelligence (BI) platform to address these pain points. With this new platform, support managers can:

  • Track and measure customer support performance.
  • Create powerful reports in minutes using a flexible drag-and-drop interface.
  • Measure the business impact of customer support.
  • Forecast requirements and trends from key accounts.
  • Create custom dashboards.
  • Access KPIs without the need for complex database queries.

Zoho Reports

A powerful integration for easy access to KPIs and analytics.

Zoho Reports, with over one million users across the globe, enables you to easily and intuitively create business intelligence reports. You can create graphs and charts, including any fields of your choice, with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Further, you can extract important information from your support desk data and proactively make critical management decisions.


  • closed-requests-trend-report

    Zoho Reports - Closed Requests Trend Report

  • request-completion-trend-report-by-technician

    Zoho Reports - Request Completion Trend Report by Technician

  • request-summary-report-by-technician

    Zoho Reports - Request Summary Report by Technician

  • sla-dashboard

    Zoho Reports - SLA Dashboard

  • tickets-by-nature-of-request

    Zoho Reports - Tickets by Nature of Request

  • top-10-requesters

    Zoho Reports - Top 10 Requesters

How can the Zoho Reports integration help customer support managers?


Easily create fine-grained reports on customer support operations with a drag-and-drop interface, and without complex database queries.


Access to over 65 ready-made KPI reports, including:

  • Incident volume trends.
  • SLA compliance trends for key accounts.
  • Average resolution times by business unit.
  • Technician workload reports.
  • Request completion trend reports by account.
  • Top 10 time-consuming types of requests.
  • Average first response time by group.
  • SLA compliance reports by group.
  • Ticket aging reports.
  • A whole lot more.

A wide range of visually appealing charts, tables, and summary reports.


Personalized dashboards for consolidated views of key analytics.


Share data and reports for collaborative analysis and decision making.


Embed reports and dashboards across websites, intranets, blogs and applications


Automatically generate and email reports.


Access to cloud-based reports from various platforms such as web, tablet, mobile, and more, anytime.

Getting Started

The Zoho Reports add-on is compatible with SupportCenter Plus build 8003 and above.

If you are using the Professional or Enterprise editions of SupportCenter Plus, you can set up a Zoho Reports account (the standard plan accomodates five users and 500,000 rows) with a 30-day free trial. After the trial period, we recommend upgrading your Zoho Reports account to a paid plan or purchasing it as an add-on for maximum benefits.

Follow the steps below to subscribe to any paid plan of Zoho Reports:

  • In the Reports tab of SupportCenter Plus, click the Zoho Reports button at the top. You will then be taken to your Zoho Reports account in a new browser tab.
  • Click on the Subscription link in the top right corner of the application.
  • On the Upgrade page, choose the appropriate plan, and click Subscribe.

Note: This integration will still work with the free version of Zoho Reports, but will only accomodate two users and 10,000 rows.

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