VQManager - VoIP Call Quality Monitoring Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is VQManager?

ManageEngine VQManager is a powerful, web-based, 24x7 real-time QoS monitoring tool for VoIP networks. It enables IT administrators to monitor their VoIP network for voice quality, call traffic, bandwidth utilization and keep track of active calls, failed calls, endpoints activity etc.. VQManager can monitor any device or user-agent that supports SIP, H.323, Cisco SCCP (Skinny) and RTP/RTCP.

2. Why do I require a VoIP Monitoring Software?

VoIP has revolutionized the entire telecommunication industry by enabling communication through various multimedia applications. Deployment of VoIP infrastructure alone is not sufficient to reap the real benefits. A sound monitoring system should be in place to check the quality of the VoIP infrastructure continuously. Monitoring the call traffic, call quality, success to failure ratio, analyzing the reasons for failed calls and poor quality calls is important for ensuring customer satisfaction.

3. What types of devices can VQManager monitor?

VQManager can monitor any device or user-agent that supports SIP, H.323, Cisco Skinny and RTP/RTCP. Apart from these supported devices, VQManager can also import and process CDR & CMR files to display the call statistics and quality information.

4. Is VQManager available for evaluation or direct purchasing?

VQManager is available for both evaluation and direct purchase. Please contact our sales team at +1-888-720-9500 or email sales[at]manageengine[dot]com

5. Do I need any pre-requisite software to be installed before using VQManager?

No pre-requisite software installation is required to use VQManager. The standard system (hardware and software) requirements as mentioned here and an external mail server (SMTP server- to send various notifications to users) are essential for the functioning of VQManager server.

6. What is the Licensing Policy for VQManager?

The downloaded product is a fully-functional Professional Edition trial copy valid for 30 days and is capable of supporting unlimited number of IP Phones. Free support would be offered during evaluation.

After 30 days of usage of the downloaded software, the software downgrades to the Free Edition which is valid for an unlimited period, capable of supporting a maximum of 10 IP Phones. No support is provided with the Free Edition. The "Monitored IP Phones" section in the Admin tab lists the phones that have beeen covered by the purchased license. See the Monitored IP Phones section in the online help document for more details.

See Licensing and Pricing Details for more details on pricing.

7. Do I have to re-install VQManager while upgrading license?

No. You need not have to re-install or shut down the server. You just need to enter the new license file in the "License" link present in the top right corner of the VQManager web interface.

8. What are the browser versions supported by VQManager?

VQManager Web Interface requires one of the following browsers** to be installed in the system:

  • IE 6 and above (on Windows)
  • Firefox 1.5 and above (on Windows and Linux)
  • VQManager is optimized for 1024 x 768 resolution and above

9. What are the System Configuration Requirements for VQManager?

Refer to the information available in the System Requirements section.

10. How do I change the password of my login account?

Login to the VQManager Web Interface.

To Change Login Password,

  • click the link "Change Password" available under the ‘Admin’ tab –> ‘General Settings’
  • enter the old password
  • enter new password
  • confirm the new password
  • click "Save"
  • password is now reset

11. What reports do I get from VQManager?

VQManager has pre-built reports based on top users by outgoing calls, incoming calls etc. Apart from built in reports, VQManager can also generate customized reports based on the parameters specified by the administrators. See Comprehensive VoIP reporting for more on the type of reports VQmanager can generate.

12. I am using a higher-level Network Management System. Is it possible to integrate VQManager with it?

It is possible to integrate VQManager with higher-level Network Management System Via SNMP. The VQManager allows the administrator to set up the list of SNMP trap listeners to forward the SNMP traps. By specifying the required SNMP parameters, the embedded VQManager SNMP agent can generate appropriate SNMP traps and forward to the defined entries.

13. Can VQManager generate email alerts?

When something goes wrong with the call quality, it is important that the administrator is alerted on the same in order to initiate some corrective action. VQManager can generate alarms when a particular vital parameter goes beyond a particular value - for instance, number of incomplete calls going beyond a particular value. You can specify the criteria based on which the alarms are to be generated and VQManager can be configured to send email alerts whenever an alert is generated. For more details refer to Proactive Notifications that VQManager provides.