The Calendar - Setting the Client View Port



VQManager serves as a storehouse of data pertaining to the call details. The Administrator, however, would be inclined to view the data pertaining to a specific time period or the recent collection of data. The Calendar component is used to limit the amount of data that needs to be displayed in the client.


The Calendar component serves as the master control to set the view port in the client. That is, the value set in the calendar component will have its effect everywhere in the web interface except 'Reports' Tab, which has a different and independent Calender Component.


The default view port is set as "Today" through the calendar. Only the data pertaining to the current day will be displayed in the client. If you wish to consider the data of, say, one week, you can set the calendar accordingly.




How to set the Calendar?

To choose a single, specific day

To choose a range of dates


The client view port is set through the calendar.



  • As stated above, the Calendar acts as the 'Master Control' to set the client view port for all the functionalities of VQManager. For instance, if you have set the calendar values to display the data of 'Last 7 days' and if you click to view certain data, say, 'Completed Calls', you will see the list of Completed Calls in the past seven days only.


  • The 'From' and 'To' time range selected in calender component are applicable for the following four tabs only - Monitor, Calls, Alarms & Endpoints.



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