Setting up Remote Access

Remote Access makes troubleshooting effortless by eliminating the need to maintain hardware and software infrastructures. All you have to do to access and troubleshoot computers in your network is to create an account and install agents in your network computers.

Creating an account

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus is powered by its parent Zoho corp. So you have to create a Zoho account to get started. You can also use your existing Zoho account. The user who creates the account will be prompted to register the company details along with a strong password for management purposes. After which, an email will be sent for confirmation. Upon verifying the confirmation mail, the "org" creation process is completed and an account will be created for Remote Access.

Company details specified here will be maintained confidentially and no other users/administrators who creates an account subsequently will be promoted for company details.

After signing up for the Remote Access, you will be redirected to the product. Once the first account is created successfully, the subsequent users can be invited via email.

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