Credential Manager

To connect to computers belonging to various domains and workgroups, and remotely perform various troubleshooting operations like initiating remote sessions, accessing command prompt, etc., Remote Access Plus requires domain admin credentials. These credentials are obtained while initiating the respective operations. However, managing them demands a lot of time and efforts. With credential manager, you can centrally store and manage all the credentials all at once.

To find credential manager, from your Remote Access Plus console, navigate to Admin tab -> Under Global Settings -> Credential Manager.

Understanding credential manager

  1. Once you select a domain or workgroup and add the credentials, a quick validation is done and invalid credentials will not be accepted.
  2. The credentials you provide here are used for various on-demand operations like installing Mac and Linux agents, initiating remote control, and more. So, ensure you provide credentials with domain admin privileges.
  3. Deleting a credential that is being used in the product will have an impact on various functionalities. If needed, you can edit / modify them.

Who can add the credentials?

  1. Administrators and other Remote Access Plus users can add the credentials.
  2. The non-admin users do not have the privileges to view or edit the credentials added by other users.