Rebranding Remote Access Plus

Remote Access users with administrative privileges, can choose to rebrand Remote Access Plus. This feature will allow you to use your company logo, name and fav icon, instead of Remote Access Plus' logo and name. Rebranding Remote Access will allow Administrators and Technicians, to view the product as their own.

Benefits of Rebranding

  1. Reports that are exported, will contain the rebranded logo and company name
  2. Alerts and messages displayed on the managed computers will contain the rebranded logo and company name
  3. Users on the managed computers, will understand that the remote troubleshooting activity is being performed by their IT team and will not feel insecure

To rebrand Remote Access, navigate to Settings tab -> Rebranding. Edit the existing product logo or fav icon and upload the image you prefer. You can also update your company's name and update the changes you made.


  1. The dimensions of the logo should be 120x24 in pixels.
  2. The dimensions of the fav icon should be 20x20 in pixels.
  3. Supported file formats are jpg/gif/png/jpeg.
  4. The image file size cannot exceed 500 KB.