Rebranding Remote Access Plus

You can customize Remote Access Plus to completely match your company's design and style codes by uaing the rebranding option. Rebranding lets you use your company's logo on the server and the agent tray icon.

Why should you rebrand?

  1. The reports that are exported in .pdf or other formats will contain your company's logo.
  2. Alerts and messages displayed on the client computers will contain the rebranded logo so that your end-users can recognize Remote Access Plus as their own without insecurities.

How to rebrand Remote Access Plus Server?

You can replace Remote Access Plus server logo by providing your company's logo and name. You can also choose to provide a website that is to be linked with your company's logo. These changes will take effect when the Remote Access Plus technicians / administrators login the subsequent time.

Note : Once the Remote Access Plus server is rebranded, you'll not be able to identify the product as Remote Access Plus in the server UI. However, the messages within the product, the installation wizard, the directory paths would contain the product name.

How to rebranding Remote Access Plus Agents?

You can choose to rebrand the Remote Access Plus agent on the managed computer. You will have to provide a logo and the name that should appear on the client computer. However, rebranding agent will not modify the image of the Remote Access Plus icon on the client computer. Rebranded image and product name will be used while displaying notifications on the managed computer. For example, when a chat is initiated via Remote Access Plus, the product name in the chat window, will contain the rebranded company name and logo.