Recording Remote Sessions

Recording remote sessions will help you keep track on everything that is done in remote control sessions which can make auditing effortless and this can also be used for demonstration purposes.

Steps to record every remote session.

  1. From your Remote Access application, navigate to Settings tab -> Session Recording -> and Enable Session recording.
  2. Select the color quality. i.e, the number of pixels used to represent the color of a single pixel. Higher the color quality, broader the range of color depth. But, it will also increase the size of the video.
  3. Specify what should be done when the disk in the remote computer runs out of space while the session is in progress. You can either choose to stop the recording upcoming sessions or delete older recordings.

How to download the recorded remote session videos?

To download the recorded remote sessions, navigate to Reports tab -> Custom Reports -> click the Download Video button against the remote session you want to download.